Games Like Rise of Kingdoms – Best Alternatives

My top 5 game picks that offer a similar experience to Rise of Kingdoms.

Rise of Kingdoms is a popular mobile game developed by Lilith Games. It’s a mix of strategy, city-building, and multiplayer gaming. Set in a fictional world inspired by history, players lead their civilization from small beginnings to a powerful empire.

You can choose from various civilizations such as Rome, China, or Britain, each with unique strengths. The goal is to manage resources, expand territory, and develop your city to grow your power. 

If you’re a fan of Rise of Kingdoms and crave similar gaming adventures, we’ve compiled a list of strategy games that offer a similar experience.

Call of Dragons

Call of dragons city overview.

Leading our list of games similar to Rise of Kingdoms is Call of Dragons. Made by the same company, it offers a very similar gaming experience. Unlike Rise of Kingdoms, Call of Dragons is set in a fantasy realm called Tamaris, rather than being grounded in real historical civilizations. In the game, you can choose to lead one of three factions: Springwardens, League of Order, or Wilderburg. Each faction offers unique advantages and attribute boosts similar to civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms. Additionally, each faction features a commanding hero specialized in leading different types of units.

While Call of Dragons shares the core mechanics of Rise of Kingdoms such as city building, troop training, and hero leveling, some differences are worth noting.

One key addition is the introduction of ranged combat. Players can target enemies from a distance using magic or ranged units. Additionally, special flying units are unlockable, allowing travel across blocked terrain, a feature which is absent in Rise of Kingdoms. Another notable difference is the ability to team up with alliance members to defeat powerful “boss” units called Behemoths. These tough foes require large alliance efforts to conquer but provides a unique gameplay experience.

For those looking for a game similar to Rise of Kingdoms, Call of Dragons offers the closest match and is worth considering.

Age of Apes

age of apes overview.

Age of Apes is developed by Tap4Fun and is a good alternative to Rise of Kingdoms. Set in a post-apocalyptic world where apes rule the world, players must group together to fight off mutants and reclaim the launchpad.

In Age of Apes, you’ll find familiar core mechanics like gathering, troop training, and city development, akin to Rise of Kingdoms. However, what sets this game apart are its unique gameplay modes, such as the bananas gathering challenge, adding an exciting twist to the experience.

What I really enjoy about this game is its unique art style and creativity. It feels like stepping into the world of the famous Planet of the Apes movie series, making it the closest thing to experiencing that universe in a video game.

Era of Conquest

Era of Conquest gameplay overview.
Era of Conquest perhaps has the most similar theme to Rise of Kingdoms on this list. Developed by 4399 Limited, it features real world civilizations and real historical leaders. The goal of the game is similar: develop your city, and train powerful armies led by heroes. There is no traditional resource-gathering system in Era of Conquest, instead, you can attack resource points and obtain resources passively. 
One standout feature of Era of Conquest is its fair gameplay. Unlike many other games, there’s no VIP points system, making it less pay-to-win. It’s all about playing actively to progress faster. 

Infinity Kingdom

Infinity Kingdom game overview.

Infinity Kingdom offers an excellent alternative to Rise of Kingdoms. It merges real history with fantasy elements within a charming cartoon-style setting.

In this game, players have the opportunity to assemble armies led by renowned historical figures like William the Conqueror and El Cid. Additionally, popular fantasy characters such as Merlin the Wizard or Robin Hood are available for players to command. Infinity Kingdom incorporates classic MMO features like resource gathering, alliance events, and battling neutral units. While you can’t freely manoeuvre troops around the map as in Rise of Kingdoms, Infinity Kingdom remains a valuable addition to this lineup.

Viking Rise

Viking Rise game overview.

In Viking Rise, you take on the role of a Viking leader navigating your tribe through Valhalla in the mysterious realm of Migard. Alongside renowned heroes like Ragnar, you embark on your epic journey. Similar to Rise of Kingdoms, you train heroes, gather resources, and construct formidable armies.

The game boasts stunning visuals that create an immersive sense of realism. If you’re drawn to Viking-themed games and the rich lore they offer, Viking Rise is a remarkable inclusion on your list of real-time strategy games.

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