Surging Spring Event Series Update 1.0.79 – Rise of Kingdoms

A new 7000 gem event is available in Rise of Kingdom with the recent update. Don't miss out on the chance to earn fantastic rewards.

Update 1.0.79 is now available in Rise of Kingdoms, featuring the Surging Spring event series. Enjoy fun events and improvements to the armaments and formations system. Check out the official patch notes for details:

The cattails dance their dance as the songbirds sing of a new spring. Our Spring event series is about to begin, and we’ve prepared a ton of fun events for you to enjoy:

  • Fisherman’s Fortune: Break out your tackle box, for wonderful rewards await you among the waves.
  • Come Into the Garden: Collect Trowels to tend your garden. Earn tons of rewards, including Bait for the Fisherman’s Fortune event!
  • Barbarian Incursions: Complete incursions to recover the Commerce Council’s cargo!
  • Ceroli Assault: Assemble your allies and take on Ceroli’s ultimate battle!
  • Zenith of Power: Gain power to win a brand new city theme!
  • In Search of Wonders: Unearth valuable armaments to pave your path to greatness.
  • Race Against Time: Test your speed and strength in this race to defeat as many barbarians as possible within the time limit!

Without further ado, let’s get into the event details:

Collecting Trowels

Governors have the opportunity to collect trowels, which are exclusive to the event. These can be acquired by purchasing bundles or by gathering on the map, defeating barbarians, and collecting city resources.

obtaining trowels

Minigame events like Ceroli Assault and Barbarian Incursions, which run concurrently with the Spring event series, also offer trowels as rewards.

Come Into The Garden 7000 Gems Event

Another 7000 gems event is available for Spring, with lots of amazing rewards to earn such as speedups, resources and chest keys. The best prizes include 35 gold legendary commander sculptures and a total of 6500 gems. If you use the 7000 gems on the bonus rewards tree during the event, you’ll get most of them back, so it’s a good idea to do this. You can use the trowels you have received to tend to the garden.

Come into the garden rise of kingdoms 7000 gems event.

An additional reward tree can be unlocked for $9.99, which provides extra rewards such as speedups, keys and extra trowels for completing the later stages of the event.

Spring Themed City Skins

Three city skins can be obtained from the Spring Event Series. At tier 17 on the Come To The Garden event, you’ll get a Spring City Theme Voucher, letting you choose one of three spring-themed city skins.

City skin rewards that are available.

Moment of Celebration Skin

  • Archer Health +5%
  • Infantry Attack -5%

Mighty Forest

  • Cavalry Health +5%
  • Archer Attack -5%

Frozen City

  • Archer Defense +5%
  • Cavalry Attack -5%

In Search of Wonders Event

This event is new to Rise of Kingdoms and gives governors the chance to unearth long-lost armaments to improve their formations. 

To participate in this event, governors need to use Compasses for searches, which can be obtained by purchasing the History Hunter bundle or by paying 500 gems each in the event interface. Since searches provide random rewards, luck plays a significant role in this event.

In search of wonders event.

Governors can select a formation and potentially receive legendary armaments. There’s a 6.1% chance of obtaining an inscribed legendary armament and a 27.5970% chance of receiving one without an inscription. Additionally, various epic armaments are available. Every 10 searches guarantee a legendary armament.


The event lasts for 7 days, beginning on March 6th and ending on February 13th. Join in the activities, tackle the events, and be sure to grab all the fantastic rewards while you can.

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