Liliya Build – Best Talent Trees, Pairings, Artifacts & Skills

Liliya is a powerful legendary hero in Call of Dragons, possessing talent trees tailored for Magic, Peacekeeping, and Skills.

If you’ve recently acquired Liliya in Call of Dragons, you may be wondering how to best build her. With a range of talents, artifacts, and skills to choose from, making the right selections can greatly boost her performance.

Liliya is a pay-to-play hero, meaning you can’t obtain her from silver or gold chests. You’ll need to buy the introductory package to unlock her initially. Afterward, you’ll have to purchase honorary membership packages to acquire her tokens for further skill enhancement.

Whether you’re a low-spender or a whale, it’s worth unlocking Liliya as currently she is the best mage hero in the game.

Best Liliya Talent Tree Builds

Liliya skills talent tree overview.

The skills talent tree is the best for Liliya. It grants substantial attack and skill damage, making her highly effective in PVP scenarios. With this build, you’ll have no trouble swiftly defeating enemy legions. Aim towards the Thirst for Blood talent for additional skill damage. Investing the remaining skill points into the magic tree improves her damage output even further.

Liliya magic tree build

On the other hand, you can opt for the magic tree build for Liliya. This offers a versatile approach suitable for various situations, especially if you’re not primarily using her for PVP. It allows you to effectively deal with darklings and deploy her in open field battles as well.

Liliya peacekeeping talent tree

Lastly, there’s the peacekeeping talent tree. This build is specifically used for Liliya to target darkling units. The standout talent is Duet, which has a 10% chance of dealing additional skill damage during peacekeeping.

I don’t recommend prioritizing this tree for free-to-play or low-spenders, as it’s more beneficial to utilize her for PVP situations. In this case, the magic tree would be a better choice for an all-around build. Medium to high spenders, however, can use this build to efficiently handle darklings. You can then use gems to switch to a more PVP-focused build.

Best Liliya Pairings

Liliya can be paired with all mage heroes in Call of Dragons. However, we have compiled a list of pairings that range from best to worst that work well with her.

Velyn (Best Pairing)

velyn commander icon

Pairing Liliya with Velyn creates the strongest mage PvP combo in the game. Currently, no other mage heroes surpass them individually, so if you have both, pair them up. Unlike Liliya, you can get Velyn from gold chests, so you don’t have to spend money to obtain him.

When deciding on the primary hero, it depends on your playstyle. If you want higher damage output, choose Liliya as the primary. Alternatively, if you prefer controlling the field and applying debuffs, Velyn is the better option. Until both talent trees are fully upgraded, stick with the primary commander you’ve leveled up more to maximize talent tree buffs.

Explore Velyn Builds


Epic hero Waldyr.

Waldyr is an excellent alternative for players who don’t have Velyn. Despite being an epic hero, Waldyr is still a powerful mage, especially when paired with Liliya for boosted damage output. Skilled in leading magic units and equipped with a PVP talent tree, Waldyr excels in open-field battle.

If you’re unable to invest heavily in leveling up Liliya’s skills, having Waldyr as the primary hero is still a solid choice. He’s more than capable of holding his own.


Epic pairing alwyn.

While Alwyn pairs well with Liliya, combining them can create a somewhat fragile setup. This setup may make your legions vulnerable to being easily broken down. If Waldyr or Velyn are not available, then Alwyn can be a good alternative.


Legendary pairing Theia.

Theia is a legendary hero that specialises in commanding all types of units. She excels in PVP battles and has a versatile skill set, allowing you to either amplify her damage or fortify her survivability. If you have Theia available, teaming her up with Liliya can enhance survivability in open-field situations.


Epic pairing Atheus.

Choosing Atheus is an excellent way to enhance your rage generation, thanks to his second skill that can generate up to 60 rage from normal attacks. It’s best to use him as the secondary commander alongside Liliya, allowing you to consistently trigger Liliya’s powerful active skill.

Best Artifacts for Liliya

Here’s a rundown of the top artifacts for maximizing Liliya’s potential. Remember, the right artifact choice depends on your playstyle, the situation, and the role you want Liliya to fulfill in your team. Each artifact comes with its own strengths and uses, so think through your strategy carefully before deciding.

Phoenix Eye

Legendary Artifact Phoenix eye.

This legendary magic artifact is currently regarded as one of the best in the game. It inflicts damage on up to four enemy legions within a designated area, making it essential in PVP battles. It’s as if this artifact was tailor-made for Liliya.

Magic Bomb

Epic Artifact Magic Bomb.

A solid epic option if you don’t have access to Phoenix Eye. It offers valuable boosts to basic magic stats and includes an area-of-effect skill that inflicts damage after eight seconds.

Tear of Arbon

Legendary artifact Tear of Arbon.

A situational artifact that is suitable if you find yourself getting broken down too easily. If you’re using Liliya with a squishy pairing such as Alwyn the healing this artifact provides can be very useful for survivability.

Enchiridion of Advanced Incantations

Epic artifact enchiridion.

This artifact is most effective when used with the peacekeeping talent tree. It offers substantial enhancements to basic magic stats and features an activated skill that inflicts damage on darklings, dark creatures, and behemoths. Keep in mind that this artifact isn’t suitable for PVP, so it’s best avoided if you intend to use Liliya primarily for that purpose.

Freezing Ring

Epic artifact freezing ring.

We would only suggest considering this artifact if you don’t have any of the others. It does offer enhancements to basic magic stats, which is why it’s included in the list. Additionally, it can boost survivability and potentially rescue your unit when under attack from multiple legions in PVP battles.

Liliya Skill Levelling 

In Call of Dragons, when you promote a hero to a higher star level, they acquire a new skill. However, when you use hero tokens to level up a skill, you don’t have the option to choose which one. The tokens are assigned randomly.

This is essential when it comes to levelling Liliya’s skills. Since obtaining her tokens often requires real money, you’ll want to avoid making any unnecessary mistakes.

We recommend that you get Liliya’s first skill Flames of Vengeance to level 5 before using stars to unlock more skills. Once you have done this you can comfortably star up to 5111. She is perfectly usable at 5111 as her expertise can be expensive.

Liliya f2p skill levelling.

The most effective skill build for Liliya is 5155. This is because Liliya’s second skill primarily benefits peacekeeping and nothing else. However, it can be difficult to avoid leveling up the second skill, especially where skills are levelled at random. This will require significant investment with real money purchases, so is ideal for a medium spender. 

liliya medium spender skill levelling.

If you can’t afford to awaken her, you do have the option to reroll her skills using gems. Just remember, this process can be both time-consuming and costly. So, in the end, it might be more cost-effective to fully maximize her skills. Your decision will ultimately depend on your spending capabilities.

Learn more about Liliya’s skills from Chisgule’s video below. 

Liliya Review

Liliya is the best mage hero in the game and can be used in a versatile amount of situations. She can be used for PVP, PVE and behemoths dealing insane amounts of skill damage. She pairs well with all mage heroes, but combining her with Velyn creates the strongest mage combination.

The Pros
Best mage hero for PVP Useful for peacekeeping and PVE Deals high levels of skill damage Can be used as primary or secondary with all mage heroes
The Cons
Real money is needed to acquire her Expensive to awaken
  • Overall10
  • PVP10
  • PVE10
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