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Rise of Kingdoms Redeemable Gift Codes – March 2024

Redeem Rise of Kingdoms Gift Codes to receive gems, speedups, keys, resources and more.

Rise of Kingdoms is a real time strategy game developed by Lilith Games. Players have to gather resources, fight neutral units and complete events led by powerful commanders in order to develop their cities and train strong armies. 

Upgrading buildings and training troops can take a while in Rise of Kingdoms. Substantial amounts of resources and speed-ups are required to develop quickly and prevent you from getting left behind from other players.

Redeeming Rise of Kingdoms gift codes presents a fantastic opportunity to boost your account effortlessly with valuable items. These codes provided by the developers, are available for a limited time, usually during special promotions or celebratory events.

By utilizing these gift codes, you can obtain a variety of in-game resources such as VIP points, chest keys, gems, resources, speedups and other valuable items, all at no cost.

However, the process of hunting for these codes across social media and various developer channels can be time-consuming, diverting your attention from the gameplay. To simplify your experience, we’ve created this page as your go-to resource for all Rise of Kingdoms gift codes, providing a convenient one-stop solution.

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Working Rise of Kingdoms Gift Codes

As of March 2024, here are the currently active gift codes in Rise of Kingdoms. Be sure to revisit monthly for regular updates to this list. Discover all gift codes for various mobile games on our dedicated gift codes page.

  • ROKVICTORY – 1x gold key, 1x 30 minute speedup, Lvl 5 tome of knowledge.
  • 95PJTTN25P – 1x gold key, 3x silver key, 5x Lvl 5 tome of knowledge , 1x 3 hour speedup.
  • 9t52y2up4p – 1x gold key, 3x 60 minute building speedups, 3x 60 minute training speedups, 3x 60 minute research speedup, 10x Lvl 5 tome of knowledge.
  • bds6q2s2a6 – 100 gems, 1x dazzling starlight sculpture, 2x crystal key, 3x Lvl 4 tome of knowledge, 3x 60 minute training speedups, 5x Level 3 “pick one’ resource chests.

Expired Rise of Kingdoms Gift Codes

  • yhzbuy33oe
  • rok2023hbd
  • greece4rok
  • Lilith10th
  • umis9g2q23
  • ROK1444HID
  • RAMADAN023

How to Redeem Rise of Kingdoms Gift Codes

  1. Access Rise of Kingdoms.
  2. Navigate to your character icon located in the top left corner.
  3. Choose the settings button.
  4. Select the redeem option.
  5. Paste the gift codes obtained from this page.
  6. Select the exchange button.
  7. Look for the “Exchange successful” message.
  8. Proceed to your inbox to locate your gifts!

Enter codes precisely as listed to avoid any potential issues.

Here is a visual representation of how you can redeem codes:

Visual example of how to perform step 1 of the gift code redemption.

Visual example of how to perform step 2 of the rise of kingdoms gift code redemption.

Visual example of how to perform step 3 of the gift code redemption.

Visual example of how to perform step 4 of the gift code redemption.

Visual example of how to perform step 5 of the gift code redemption.

If you wish to see a video guide on how to redeem gift codes instead, we have provided this below:

We aim to maintain an updated list of codes. If you find any expired codes, please comment below, and we’ll promptly update the list.

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