Age of Apes Beginners Guide – Tips & Tricks For Fast Progression

Gameplay tips to succeed in the mobile game Age of Apes.

Age of Apes is a strategic mobile game by Tap4Fun set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans have vanished, leaving behind a society of intelligent apes. Players must build and expand their ape colonies, gather resources, train troops, and engage in battles with rival colonies to establish dominance in the new ape civilization.

The game combines elements of city-building, resource management, and PvP combat, offering a challenging and immersive experience for players to enjoy.

The game can be overwhelming to begin with, with lots of features to take advantage of. This Age of Apes beginners guide has all the tips, tricks and strategies you need to make your gaming experience the best it can be.

Attacking Mutants

In Age of Apes, when you start exploring the map, you’ll encounter mutants—energetic apes adapted to dark environments. These mutants roam the wasteland as neutral units. They come in various levels, with higher levels offering greater challenges but also better rewards.

To fight a mutant, simply select it and send a fighter with some troops to attack. Keep in mind that this action requires action points. Rewards for defeating mutants include experience for your fighters, spectrum chips, CDs, food, iron, and speedups.

Neutral mutants in Age of Apes.

Constructing Buildings

Building structures in your home base is crucial in Age of Apes. Buildings serve multiple purposes such as: collecting resources, training troops, expanding your march sizes, conducting research, and fortifying your base against threats. Apart from functional buildings, you can also add decorations to enhance the aesthetics of your base.

Building construction in age of apes.

After construction, buildings can be upgraded to boost their effectiveness, helping you progress swiftly. While upgrading all buildings is essential, I suggest focusing on upgrading the Parade Ground to increase troop capacity, camps for training additional troops, and the Research Centre for accelerated technological advancements.

Upgrading Your City Hall

The city hall is the cornerstone of the entire city, therefore it is one of the most important buildings to upgrade. Upgrading the city hall allows you to unlock new buildings and raise the levels of your existing ones. You can unlock new features and raise your power a whole lot more.

City hall upgrade Age of Apes.

Unlike games such as Clash of Clans, you can focus on upgrading the city hall without worrying about other buildings needing to catch up.

Speeding Up Building Times

Speedups in Age of Apes let you finish upgrades and construction faster by skipping time. Buildings can take days to level up later in the game, so using speedups strategically helps you progress quicker.

Use speedups wisely, it’s easy to run out if you’re not a spender. I recommend using speedups on the troop camps and city hall buildings as a priority.  

Unlocking Second Builder Que

To speed up your building progress, you can unlock a second building queue by purchasing it in the store for $4.99. With this feature, you can have two building upgrades simultaneously, boosting your power at a faster rate. If you’re considering making an in-game purchase, this package is highly recommended.

Second building que pack

Another option is to hire a second builder for 2 days at a cost of 200 CDs, but we advise against doing this frequently. Stay tuned to learn about the most effective ways to spend CDs in Age of Apes.

Spending CD’s

In Age of Apes, the premium currency is called CDs. You can obtain CDs by completing main quests and participating in certain events. CDs can also be bought with real money, so it’s important to spend them sensibly when earned in-game.

Occasionally, you can find CD rewards in our list of Age of Apes gift codes.

For beginners, I recommend investing CDs in VIP points. Upgrading your VIP level provides buffs such as faster building and training speeds, increased hospital capacity, and more. At higher levels, you’ll even unlock features such as auto-training troops and joining rallies automatically.

Leveling up VIP with Cds.

If you’re looking to boost your power quickly in Age of Apes, investing in VIP is a smart use of your CDs.

Building An Army of Troops

Building a strong army of ape troops is key to boosting your power and combat abilities.

There are four troop types: Pilots, Shooters, Hitters, and Wall Breakers. Each has its own strengths:

Pilots – These troops are agile and swift, excelling in movement and shooting speed. They are effective against Shooters but less so against Hitters. Pilots boast high marching speed.

Shooters – Ranged troops with deadly accuracy, particularly effective against Hitters. Shooters deliver high attack damage.

Hitters – These melee units pack a punch with strong defense and health. They counter Pilots effectively.

Wall Breakers – Specialized in attacking sentry towers. Wall Breakers also offer a high load capacity. However, they aren’t as effective against other troop types.

Troops are housed in the Parade Ground. Upgrading this building allows you to deploy more troops per march and unlock multiple march queues. You can unlock a total of 5 march queues with a level 50 Parade Ground.

Parade ground for troop storage.

Completing Quests

You’ll encounter two types of quests in Age of Apes: main story quests and regular quests.

Quests in the game provide valuable rewards, so it’s advisable to complete them as often as you can. While you’ll naturally progress through quests as you play, you can track them by visiting the quest menu.

Joining A Gang

Joining a gang is a fundamental part of the game, and should be done as soon as you can. Gangs are communities of players who collaborate to assist each other.

Being part of a gang offers numerous benefits, such as quicker research, building help requests, receiving gifts, and gaining account buffs.

To join a gang, simply click on the gang icon and search for one that matches your power level. Some gangs might require you to send an application request. It’s advisable to join the strongest gang possible to accelerate your account’s development.

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