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Passionate about mobile games, especially in the strategy genre, Josh founded Touchscreen Gaming. Dedicated to sharing his enthusiasm and expertise, he offers valuable insights for fellow gamers seeking information on their favorite mobile titles.

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Cooking Fever Introduces TGI Fridays Playable Restaurant

The latest update for Cooking Fever has arrived, featuring an exciting collaboration with the well-known American restaurant, TGI Fridays. In this update, players...


Guan Yu Build – Best Talents, Pairings, Equipment & Skills

Guan Yu is a popular legendary commander who can be obtained during Season 3 and is one of the best infantry commanders available....


Dungeon Hunter 6 Review: In-Depth Analysis & Insight

Gameloft’s Dungeon Hunter 6 has been available for a few months, and I’ve dedicated a considerable amount of in-game hours to it since...


Liu Che Build – Best Talents, Pairings, Equipment & Skills

Liu Che is a recently introduced legendary infantry commander in Rise of Kingdoms. Whether you’ve just unlocked him or are aiming to do...


Era of Conquest – Picking The Best Civilization

Choosing the best starting civilization in Era of Conquest can be challenging, with each offering unique perks and a special starting hero. To...


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