Velyn Build – Best Talent Trees, Pairings, Artifacts & Skills

Velyn is a powerful legendary hero in Call of Dragons, possessing talent trees tailored for Control, PVP, and Magic.

Velyn is a powerful mage hero in Call of Dragons, and if you’ve just unlocked him you might be wondering how to build him. With various talents, artifacts, and skills to choose from, making the right selections can greatly improve his performance.

As Velyn is available within the gold chest, he is a great choice for both free-to-play and pay-to-win players. If you want to improve your PVP performance then Velyn is a great choice.

Best Velyn Talent Tree Builds

Velyn control talent tree build.

For the best talent tree build for Velyn, focus on the control tree. This build emphasizes quick rage regeneration and improved march speed, allowing more frequent use of the active skill while avoiding damage. Aim for Reticent at the top of the control tree to silence enemies. This is especially useful against strong opponents like Liliya who deals heavy skill damage.

Velyn Magic talent tree build.

Alternatively, you can choose the magic tree build for Velyn. It’s the best all-around option for various situations, especially if you’re not focusing on PvP. This build works well for both PvE and events. The Elemental Boost talent at the top of the magic tree boosts HP by 15% for 4 seconds, improving survivability.

Velyn PVP talent tree build.

Lastly, there’s the PvP talent tree, which is most beneficial when using Velyn for open-field battles exclusively. The goal is to reach Blessing of Fury, enhancing Velyn’s HP for better survivability. Any extra points can be put into the control tree for increased rage regeneration.

Best Velyn Pairings

Velyn can be used with all other mage heroes in Call of Dragons. However, we have compiled a list of pairings that range from best to worst that work well with him.

Liliya (Best Pairing)

Legendary hero liliya.

The best pairing for Velyn is Liliya. They both lead magic units, and their mix of critical hits and area-of-effect attacks can cause significant damage even with skills at 5111. Please note that Liliya isn’t found in gold chests like Velyn; you can get her from the honorary membership store by purchasing chests.

Choose either as the primary hero based on your goals – Velyn for field control or Liliya for more damage. Until both talent trees are maxed out, go with the commander you’ve levelled up more to maximize talent tree buffs.


Epic hero Waldyr.

Waldyr is a great choice, especially for free-to-play players. Despite being an epic hero, he packs a punch, especially when paired with a well-invested Velyn. Waldyr specializes in commanding magic units and has the PvP talent tree. As an ice mage, he can freeze enemies too. If leveling up Velyn quickly is challenging, consider making Waldyr your primary hero for successful PvP encounters.


Epic pairing alwyn.

Alwyn complements Velyn remarkably well. While he cannot freeze enemies, his skill set closely aligns with Velyn’s, focusing on magic, PvP, and control. Together, they form a powerful combination on the battlefield, offering strong support.


Legendary pairing Theia.

Theia, a legendary hero, is skilled in commanding all types of units and excels in PvP. With a versatile skill set, you can enhance her damage or increase survivability. If you have Theia, teaming her up with Velyn, especially with celestial flying units, forms a great combination.


Epic pairing Atheus.

Atheus is an excellent choice if you aim to enhance your rage generation, as his second skill can offer up to 60 rage from normal attacks. Pair him as a secondary commander to Velyn to fully capitalize on the advantages of Velyn’s control tree.

Best Artifacts for Velyn

Here is a list of the best artifacts you can use with Velyn to maximise his potential. Remember, the choice of artifact depends on your playstyle, the situation, and the role you want Velyn to play in your team. Each artifact has its strengths and uses, so consider your strategy carefully.

Phoenix Eye

Legendary Artifact Phoenix eye.

This legendary magic artifact is currently one of the best in the game. It damages up to 4 enemy legions in a designated circle, making it especially effective in PvP. Include this in your Velyn build for a significant damage boost.

Magic Bomb

Epic Artifact Magic Bomb.

A reliable option for a PvP build, especially if you haven’t obtained any legendary artifacts yet. It has an 8-second delay but can simultaneously damage up to 3 enemy legions.

Tear of Arbon

Legendary artifact Tear of Arbon.

Although not ranked among the absolute best legendary artifacts, it serves as an excellent healing choice, offering added survivability. If you’re employing Velyn in a support role, this artifact can assist in maintaining control buffs alongside damage-dealing heroes.

Enchiridion of Advanced Incantations

Epic artifact enchiridion.

While not ideal for PvP, this artifact shines in battles against behemoths and darklings, thanks to its bonus magic unit attack and high damage output skill. It’s relatively easy to obtain if you choose the League of Order faction at the beginning of the game.

Freezing Ring

Epic artifact freezing ring.

The Freezing Ring is a last-resort option for Velyn. It can enhance survivability and potentially immobilize your legion when facing intense attacks. It’s recommended to use the Freezing Ring only if no other suitable artifacts are available.

Velyn Skill Levelling 

In Call of Dragons, promoting a hero to a higher star level grants them a new skill. However, when using hero tokens to level up a skill, you don’t get to choose which one. The allocation of tokens is random.

Understanding this is important, especially when leveling up Velyn. You need to strategize to make the most of your legendary tokens, which might be scarce, especially if you don’t spend real money in the game.

We recommend prioritizing Velyn’s first skill, Frozen Star, and getting it to level 5 before using stars to unlock more skills. Once you’ve achieved this, you can confidently upgrade to 5111.

Complete list of Velyn skills and ordering.

Learn more about Velyn’s skills from Chisgule’s video below. 

Velyn Review

Velyn is a great choice for PVP. He controls the battlefield and can be paired with every other mage hero. You may want to use him as secondary to Liliya for PVE and higher damage output, but you should definitely invest in Velyn if you plan to main mages.

The Pros
Great for PVP Controls the battlefield Can be unlocked in the gold chest
The Cons
Is expensive to awaken
  • Overall9.5
  • PVP10
  • PVE7.5
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