Monopoly GO Origins – New Sticker Album Released on January 4th

There are 26 sticker sets to complete in Monopoly GO Origins.

The festive sticker album Heartfelt Holidays has concluded in Monopoly Go, and immediately following on January 4th, 2024, at 11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET, the latest installment, Monopoly Origins sticker album, has been released. Centered around the original Monopoly board game that served as the inspiration for the evolution of Monopoly, it delves into the story of how Mr. M amassed his wealth. This album spans until March 28th, providing nearly three months to collect all the sets.

In contrast to Heartfelt Holidays and previous albums, Origins boasts a significantly larger scale, featuring an impressive 26 sets, each comprising 9 stickers.

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Album Completion Rewards

As with all sticker albums, the rewards for completing all the sets are usually significant and offer a unique token that can be used in-game to navigate you around the board. In Monopoly GO Origins, the prized token for completing the album is the Free Parking car token. This token is inspired by the vintage Monopoly board game which featured a red car token. 

The rewards available for completing the Origins album.

Additionally, players get a cash bonus and dice rewards. For completing the first album, players are rewarded 15,000 dice and 10.3B cash. If you’re lucky enough to complete two albums, the rewards are significantly higher offering 20,000 dice, a larger cash reward and a special Golden Free Parking car token. A third completion rewards a hefty 30,000 dice and more cash. 

Initially, we think many players will find it challenging to complete this set due to the large number of sets, stickers, and gold cards. However, Monopoly Go frequently gets updates with events, offering chances to earn more sticker packs than usual and make it easier for you to go through your sticker collections.

Individual Set Rewards

If you think tackling all 26 sets might be tough, you can still benefit from completing specific sets that offer special rewards beyond just dice and cash.

Highlighted sets include:

  • Set 7 Card Quest – Water Works Shield, 325 Dice and X Cash 
  • Set 13 Free Parking – Fancy Duck Token, 800 Dice, X Cash

Water works and fancy duck rewards.


Completing Monopoly GO Origins album will be more challenging compared to Heartfelt Holidays, mainly because there are a lot more extra stickers to collect. Make sure to gather plenty of dice and make the most of the next three months. Above all, enjoy the experience!

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