Hermann Prime Build – Best Talents, Pairings, Equipment & Skills

Hermann Prime is a legendary commander with expertise in Archer, Versatility and Support.

Have you recently acquired Hermann Prime in Rise of Kingdoms and are wondering how to build him? Look no further, in this guide we outline the best talent trees, pairings, equipment and skill levelling. 

Hermann Prime Skill Talent Tree Build

The best talent tree build for Hermann Prime is the archer tree, combined with support. Whilst this tree doesn’t provide the most rage regeneration possible, it does take advantage of the powerful archer buffs associated with the archer talents which is indisposable. 

The best talent tree build for Hermann Prime.

Building towards Rejuvenate in the support tree allows sufficient rage regeneration so make this a priority to build towards. Razor Sharp in the archer tree also provides that ever-so-important rage regeneration so focus on this next. Continue to build up the archer tree to Whistling Arrows collecting valauble archer attributes on the way including attack, defense and health. 

We won’t be building into the versatility tree at all as this doesn’t provide much value for open field battle. 

Best Hermann Prime Pairings

Hermann Prime can be paired with any archer commander, however, we have provided the best pairings that have the best synergy. 

Zhuge Liang (Best Pairing)

Zhuge Liang best commander pairing for Hermann Prime.

Zhuge Liang is arguably the best legendary archer commander in the game at the moment. He stands out for his versatility and compatibility with various archer commanders, and Hermann Prime is no exception.

Both Zhuge Liang and Hermann Prime deal area-of-effect damage, making them a strong pair for dealing damage on the open field. Choose either Hermann or Zhuge Liang as the primary commander, it all depends on your talent tree build preference. It’s a flexible and effective setup for causing large amounts of damage in the game.

Boudica Prime 

Boudica Prime commander overview.

For added survivability on the battlefield, Boudica Prime is the ideal match. She is easy to access and is one of the tankier archer commanders. 

Despite Hermann Prime’s area-of-effect damage not affecting Boudica, she brings valuable archer buffs to the table. In this pairing, it’s recommended to have Hermann Prime as the secondary commander for optimal results. This combination strikes a balance between survivability and strategic advantages, making it a solid choice for your archer-focused lineup.

Yi Seong Gye

Yi Seong-Gye commander overview.

Yi Seong Gye is a sensible pairing for Hermann Prime as his second skill Art of Archery increases rage, something which Hermann Prime lacks when using the archer skill tree.

As-well as this, Yi Seong Gye has an AOE skill and provides a ton of skill damage. Whilst this pairing is not going to have the best survivability, you will be dealing enormous amounts of damage in the open-field. You would want to use Hermann Prime as the primary commander in this pairing. 


Tomyris Commander Overview.

Pairing Hermann Prime with Tomyris looks promising because they both deal poison damage. Tomyris’s skill benefits from poison stacks, creating a synergy that seems effective. While not thoroughly tested yet, this pairing has the potential to be a strong match due to their shared poison-focused abilities. Keep an eye on community feedback for more insights as testing progresses.

Hermann Prime Skill Levelling

Ensure that, like with any commander, you prioritize leveling up Hermann’s active skill, Forest of Fallen Eagles, to level 5 before focusing on other skills. This skill has the added benefit of inflicting stacks of poison. For those considering investing in Hermann Prime, we highly recommend reaching expertise. His expertise skill triggers Forest of Fallen Eagles every 25 stacks of poison.

Hermann Prime skills and levelling order.

Best Equipment For Hermann Prime

Here are the recommended archer equipment selections for Hermann Prime, organized based on various stages of the game. The main objective is to acquire late-game equipment gear, so prioritize crafting these pieces as soon as you obtain the blueprints for them. This will enhance Hermann Prime’s capabilities and effectiveness in battles as you progress through the game.

Beginner Equipment

  • Helm of The Pheonix (Helms)
  • Commander’s Heavy Armor (Chest)
  • Staff of The Lost (Weapons)
  • Greaves of The Exile (Legs)
  • Saint’s Song (Gloves)
  • Edged Boots (Boots)

Mid-Late Game Equipment

  • Revival Helm (Helms)
  • Revival Plate (Chest)
  • Golden Age (Weapons)
  • Revival Greaves (Legs)
  • Revival Gauntlets (Gloves)
  • Flame Treads (Boots)

Late-Game Equipment

  • Ancestral Mask of Night/Dragon’s Breath Helm (Helms)
  • The Milky Way/Dragon’s Breath Plate (Chest)
  • The Hydra’s Blast/Dragon’s Breath Bow (Weapons)
  • Tassets of the War God/Dragon’s Breath Tassets (Legs)
  • Ian’s Choice/Dragon’s Breath Vambraces (Gloves) 
  • Commander’s Boots/Dragon’s Breath Boots (Boots) 


  • Ring of Doom
  • Horn of Fury
  • Concealed Dagger
  • Moras Web

Hermann Prime Best Formation

The recommended formation for Hermann Prime is the wedge formation, providing a 5% increase in skill damage.

Given that Hermann Prime’s active skill inflicts direct damage, utilizing an additional skill damage formation is advantageous. Look for inscriptions that boost skill damage, such as Combo, or consider Fine Horse if you need the added march speed.

How Do I Obtain Hermann Prime?

Notably, Hermann Prime can be obtained from the archer Wheel of Fortune in the Season of Conquest. Ten Hermann Prime sculptures are required from the wheel to unlock him. Following this, universal legendary sculptures can be used to level up his skills going forward.

Summary: Is Sargon The Great Worth Investing In?

Investing in Hermann Prime is situational more than anything. If you plan to run a solo archer march, I would suggest using the Boudica/Zhuge Liang pairing as these commanders are irreplaceable. If you have neither of these commanders available then Hermann is still a suitable choice that is worth investing in as he can be paired with all legendary archer commanders. 

Hermann Prime Review

Hermann Prime is a legendary archer commander that excels in dealing poison stacks and skill damage to enemies.

The Pros
Deals a lot of skill damage Good pairings avaliable Inflicts poison damage Wide range of archer buffs
The Cons
Hasn't been fully tested yet Can't be obtained until season 3 Can be targeted easily
  • Overall8.5
  • Rally7
  • Open Field10
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