How to Get More Legendary Commander Sculptures for Free in Rise of Kingdoms

A complete guide to earning legendary commander sculptures without making a purchase.

If you’re a frequent player of Rise of Kingdoms you’ll know that getting legendary commander sculptures is essential for levelling up your commanders and performing well in battle. 

Legendary commander sculptures are the rarest in the game, and collecting a sufficient amount of them can be time-consuming or expensive. If you’re a free-to-play or low-spending player, keeping up with commanders may be challenging, potentially leaving you behind pay-to-win players.

If you’re looking for ways to obtain legendary commander sculptures in game without spending money, this is the guide for you. We outline several different methods that you can do this from just simply playing the game.

While some of these methods may involve spending gems, it’s worth noting that you can acquire gems without spending any money by participating in events or gathering them in the field.

We suggest using the RoK Commander Calculator if you wish to calculate how many sculptures you need to upgrade legendary commander skills.

Levelling Up VIP

The most effective method for acquiring legendary commander sculptures is to invest your gems in VIP points. Once you reach VIP level 10, the daily VIP chest will grant one commander sculpture each day when you log in.

VIP 10 for legendary commander sculptures.

Achieving VIP level 10 may take some time if you’re not spending money in the game. Here are a few recommendations to speed up this process and accumulate more VIP points:

  • Join a top alliance that has members who are spenders. On certain purchases rare alliance gifts will drop which can reward gems or VIP points. 
  • Avoid spending gems on store purchases and prioritise levelling your VIP.
  • Log in every day to claim up to 200 VIP points daily.
  • If you’re a low spender, consider purchasing the growth fund as you can obtain 81,000 gems for only $14.99 (After VIP 5 and as you level your City Hall).

Continuing to level your VIP beyond 10 allows you to receive additional daily sculptures. We’ve compiled a table showing the number of sculptures you can obtain at each extra VIP level.

VIP LevelDaily Sculptures

Karuak Ceremony

Participating in the Karuak Ceremony event is another excellent way to acquire free legendary commander sculptures. This event occurs approximately every 4-5 weeks, providing a chance to earn up to 12 legendary sculptures upon successful completion, especially if you manage to finish it on hell difficulty. Rewards from the Occult Treasure are sent to your inbox once the event concludes.

Karuak ceremony overview showing 12 legendary commander sculptures.

To successfully finish the event, you need to complete 50 trials, defeating progressively stronger enemies. The trials must be completed in the following order: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Nightmare. Once these are completed, Hell difficulty is unlocked, offering the highest reward in terms of sculptures. Below is the number of sculptures rewarded for completing each difficulty:

DifficultyLegendary Sculptures Available

Karuak Ceremony Alliance Challenge

In addition to the solo Karuak Ceremony Trials, Governors can also participate in the alliance challenge which summons a strong Karuak Boss that requires multiple members to defeat. These bosses have the potential to award legendary commander sculptures for members who participate.  

Karuak alliance challenge to obtain more legendary sculptures

There are currently five Karuak Bosses that can be defeated, offering an opportunity to obtain an extra 8 legendary commander sculptures. Each boss can be summoned and battled if a required number of alliance members have completed the solo challenge to a specific level. Here are the boss requirements:

Boss NameRequirementsPotential Legendary Sculptures
"Fists of Blades" Andaal15 members must have completed Challenge 15 on Normal1
Bearkeeper Lukor20 members must have completed Challenge 20 on Hard1
Shield Chieftain Murdos25 members must have completed Challenge 40 on Hard2
Voodoo Priest Pache30 members must have completed Challenge 30 on Nightmare2
Solon Por35 members must have completed Challenge 35 on Hell2

Ark of Osiris

Ark of Osiris is an alliance event that comes around once every 2 weeks. If you reach a personal score of at least 3000, you’re guaranteed legendary commander sculptures. 

If your alliance wins and you manage to accumulate over 10,000 individual points, you can earn a total of 23 sculptures.

Individual ark of osiris rewards if your alliance wins.

On the other hand, if your alliance loses and you still manage to accumulate over 10,000 individual points, you can earn a total of 12 sculptures.

Individual ark of osiris rewards if your alliance loses.

You can boost your individual score by participating in filling rallies, farming, and engaging in open-field battles within the event map.

More Than Gems Event

The “More Than Gems” event happens every 2-3 months and is an easy way to get more legendary sculptures.

more than gems event rewards.

When the event is active, spending gems can get you rewards, including legendary commander sculptures. Spend 7,000 gems for 5 legendary sculptures, and 25,000 gems for an extra 8 legendary sculptures. The event lasts 2 days, resetting at 0:00 UTC. You can potentially earn a total of 26 legendary commander sculptures with a 50,000 gem spend.

It’s recommended to invest gems in VIP points during this event to get the legendary sculptures and increase your VIP for more daily sculptures.

Champions of Olympia

Champions of Olympia is a mini-game mode in Rise of Kingdoms. By participating and accumulating 12 activity points, you can earn 2 legendary commander sculptures, regardless of the outcome of your matches. Simply playing the game mode helps you build up activity points, whether you win or lose.

Champions of Olympia Weekly Quests.

Moreover, engaging in Team Ranked mode allows you to earn an extra 5 legendary commander sculptures through season challenges. To unlock all chest rewards, you must earn 54 challenge stars, and participating, as well as Valor Rewards, contribute to your total star count.

Season challenges in Champions of Olympia.

Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune event happens frequently, offering governors a chance to unlock an exclusive commander. By spinning the wheel, players can win various rewards, including legendary commander sculptures. Lasting for 3 days, free-to-play players can earn rewards by using the daily free spin.

Wheel of fortune.

Additionally, completing 10 spins unlocks a bonus chest, guaranteeing 5 legendary commander sculptures.

Combat Shop

The combat shop is a great way to get additional legendary commander sculptures by using Season Coins, which you can earn by researching crystal technology in Season of Conquest.

Combat shop in Season of Conquest.

Throughout a Season of Conquest, you can buy a total of 26 legendary commander sculptures. Eight of these sculptures are available at a discounted price of 5,000 Season Coins each, while the remaining 18 can be purchased for 10,000 coins each.

KVK Rewards

Regular participation in KVK (Kingdom vs Kingdom) has the potential to earn you a significant number of legendary commander sculptures.

KVK rewards.

Achieving this is possible by completing Crusader Achievements, which typically involve tasks such as earning sufficient honor points, completing bastion quests, and defeating enemy units. Additionally, being part of a strong alliance that wins in the KVK season and acquires enough territory can earn you additional legendary commander sculptures.

Seasonal Events

Every so often, Rise of Kingdoms hosts seasonal events that reward governors with various items, including legendary sculptures. Typically, unlocking the second rewards tier in these events demands 7,000 gems. However, staying active in the game and completing the tiers not only reimburses your initial 7,000 gem investment but also provides additional rewards.

Every 7000 gem event rewards a total of 35 legendary commander sculptures for completing all 25 levels. 

Training Day Event

The Training Day event provides a great chance to earn additional legendary commander sculptures by using speedups to train troops. Simply ranking in the top 100 governors in the event guarantees a minimum of 1 legendary commander sculpture, with the rewards increasing to 20 sculptures at rank 1.

training day event in Rise of Kingdoms.

In smaller kingdoms, securing a spot in the top 100 for the Training Day event shouldn’t be challenging. However, in more competitive kingdoms with a larger player base, it might be wise to save your speedups specifically for this event to enhance your chances of ranking successfully.

Expedition Rewards

The expedition is a series of challenges where governors battle computer-controlled commanders to earn rewards. Each challenge has three mission targets, allowing you to earn a maximum of three stars.

Expedition rewards in Rise of Kingdoms.

There are a total of 80 expedition challenges, and every set of 10 completed challenges rewards a legendary commander sculpture. By completing all expedition missions, you can earn a total of 8 legendary commander sculptures.

Legendary Tavern Exchange Shop

In the Legendary Tavern exchange shop, you can trade 100 Legendary Marks for 1 legendary commander sculpture.

Legendary chest exchange shop.

To acquire Legendary Marks, you must receive commander sculptures from commanders you have already expertised in the legendary chests. These commander sculptures will be automatically converted into Legendary Marks.

Treasure of the Warrior Queen Chests

You can get Warrior Queen Chests by finishing bonus challenges on the expedition map. Once you complete the mission, you get 1-2 chests, and they’ll be part of your daily expedition rewards.

Treasure of the warrior queen chest.

These chests mainly provide Aethelflaed Sculptures and keys, with a slight possibility of obtaining legendary commander sculptures.


In conclusion, by following the methods and participating in the events outlined in this guide, you have the potential to earn hundreds of additional legendary commander sculptures without spending any real money.

Playing strategically and staying active in the game will enable you to accumulate enough legendary commander sculptures to expertise numerous commanders. 

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