Clash of Clans January 2024 – Gold Pass Season

The first Gold Pass of 2024 has arrived in Clash of Clans and the Barbarian King takes the spotlight with a new skin.

To kick off the new year, Clash of Clans has released the January 2024 gold pass, offering players numerous enjoyable events to partake in and exciting rewards to claim.

Introducing the King of The North Barbarian King Skin

Like all gold passes, the key attraction of each season is the accompanying skin. This time, the spotlight is on the Barbarian King, showcasing a fresh appearance in the form of the King of The North.

King of the North Barbarian King skin that comes with a purchase of the gold pass.

The Barbarian King dons a striking blue fur overcoat and wields an aged battleaxe, drawing inspiration from the Viking era. His face is adorned with blue war paint, enhancing the overall aesthetic. This skin perfectly captures the wintry theme associated with this time of year, making it a valuable addition to your skin collection.

To acquire the King of The North skin, players only need to purchase the gold pass, unlocking the skin instantly. As you progress through the pass, additional rewards become available.

In my opinion, this is an impressive skin and a valuable addition to your collection. This gold pass is definitely worth investing in and is a great way to start of the gold passes of 2024.


Following the price increase a few months ago, the gold pass now comes with a $6.99 price tag, and this remains consistent for January 2024’s gold pass. Players can still engage in the free season pass if they prefer. However, to unlock the King of The North skin, acquiring the gold pass is necessary.

The cost of the gold pass.

Chief Of The North Challenge

Players can participate in the Chief of The North challenge to earn 400 XP, 25 Gems and 1x Resource potion. This event not only lets players witness the new Barbarian King skin in action but also presents a challenging map with fresh obstacles and town layout to conquer.

Chief of the north challenge.

Additional Gold Pass Rewards 

Advancing through the tiers of the gold pass grants additional rewards as players complete challenges and accumulate challenge points. Notable rewards include:

  • 1 Gem Donations
  • Training, Research & Building Boosts
  • Bigger Season & Builders Banks
  • Pet Potions
  • Power Potions
  • Hero Potions
  • Wall Rings
  • Book of Fighting
  • Book of Spells
  • Book of Building
  • Auto Forge Slot
  • Rune of Gold, Elixir & Dark Elixir
  • Capital Gold
  • Shovel of Obstacles


The January 2024 Clash of Clans Gold Pass is filled with fresh and thrilling rewards and features. The highlighted Barbarian King skin looks fantastic, and I’m eager to deploy him in battle. Stay alert for additional challenges and events in the game throughout the month.

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