Commander Skill Lock and Reset Guide for Rise of Kingdoms

Learn how to reset and lock skills for optimal commander leveling.

In Rise of Kingdoms, you can now lock and reset commander skills. Before this feature, leveling up a commander’s skill was random, making it difficult to get an optimal build.

This became especially frustrating when aiming for a specific build like 5551. Getting that randomly was extremely challenging, but now you can achieve it guaranteed with the ability to lock and reset skills.

If you’re curious about how this works, this guide provides all the information you need and walks you through the process.

Why Should I Lock Skills?

In the past, you had to wait until specific skills reached level 5 before upgrading the star level of a commander to prevent poor skill levelling. This resulted in a lengthy and tedious process of acquiring legendary sculptures, delaying the time it took to have a commander ready for battle.

Now, you have the flexibility to choose the order in which you level up your skills. Keep in mind that you cannot skip an earlier tier, though.

For instance, if you aim to level up skill 3, you cannot skip skills 1 or 2 unless they are already at level 5. Skill points will still be assigned randomly in this scenario. Once both skills 1 and 2 reach level 5, you can then lock skill 3 to prevent the leveling of skill 4.

Here’s a visual example:

This Cao Cao commander was skill-leveled before the new feature was introduced, resulting in a 5335 build. Since I want to use Cao Cao for fighting barbarians, having his second skill, The Qingzhou Army, at level 5 is ideal as it increases damage to barbarians by 50%.

Cao Cao before he went through a skill reset.

Resetting Commander Skills

Now, I can reset his skills using a Skill Reset Scroll, which can be obtained randomly from various events in the game.

Skill Reset Scroll

To reset a commander’s skills, navigate to the “skills” tab, click the “reset” button, and confirm the use of one scroll. After this, all skills will be reset to level 1 and ready to be reallocated.

Skill reset confirmation tab.

How Does Skill Locking Work?

After resetting commander skills, you can now lock your skills in place and reallocate your commander sculptures.

Let’s revisit Cao Cao. Navigate to the skills tab and click on the small cog icon. You’ll notice a green slider at the bottom of the screen. Drag this slider to the position where you want the skills to lock. You’ll know if this has worked because skills will have a padlock symbol next to them.

Prioritize locking skill 1 to level 5, as this remains a priority for all commanders.

Skill locking for commander Cao Cao.

Now that skill 1 is level 5, adjust the slider to the next skill you want to lock in place. In my Cao Cao build, this will be skill 2, so set the slider to 2. For other commanders, if you wish to skip skill 2, you can set the lock for skill 3 or 4 accordingly. Click “save” and then level this skill to the desired level.

Locking the second skill after levelling the first.

We have provided a short video showing this entire process to prevent you from making mistakes and wasting valuable Skill Reset Scrolls:

Skill locking provides the flexibility to optimize your commanders according to your preferences. Feel free to experiment, have fun, and bring those poorly invested commanders back into good use!

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