Scipio Prime Build – Best Talents, Pairings, Equipment & Skills

Scipio Prime is a legendary commander with expertise in Infantry, Versatility and Support.

Scipio Prime is the legendary version of the Scipio Africanus epic commander that already exists in Rise of Kingdoms. Despite sharing the same historical leader, the in-game versions are very different. Scipio Prime is one of the best legendary infantry commanders you can obtain, so if you’re wondering how to build him we have everything you need to know in this guide.

Scipio Prime Best Talent Tree Build 

Scipio Prime is best used as an open-field commander, and the build below is the best for dealing as much damage as possible.

Scipio Prime open-field infantry talent build, best suited for damage output.

Invest fully in the infantry talent tree for maximum infantry attribute boosts, including attack, defense, health and march speed. Put the rest of the talent points in the support tree, prioritizing Rejuvenate for an extra 150 rage per skill activation. This build aims to spam the active skill as much as possible to increase damage output.

Best Scipio Prime Pairings

Scipio Prime provides an excellent infantry setup, making him versatile for pairing with most infantry commanders. However, we’ve compiled a list below of the best pairings that synergize exceptionally well with him, ensuring you get the most out of other commanders.

Guan Yu (Best Pairing)

Legendary commander Guan Yu overview.

Guan Yu is the best pairing for Scipio Prime. In this partnership, you’ll want to use Guan Yu as the primary commander, due to his exceptional skill damage and proficiency as a nuke commander. 

This combination is highly effective because Scipio Prime’s expertise skill boosts rage by 30% when a target is silenced, and Guan Yu’s active skill includes a silence effect. This synergy enables constant spam of active skills, resulting in insane damage output.

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Sargon The Great

Overview of legendary commander Sargon The Great.

Pairing Scipio Prime with Sargon The Great works well. Sargon excels at dealing strong normal attack damage to single targets, and combining him with Scipio Prime boosts normal attacks due to Scipio’s third skill. Additionally, Scipio brings an AOE skill that Sargon lacks allowing you to target more enemies at once. You will want to use Sargon The Great as the primary commander in this pairing.

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Harald Sigurdsson

Overview of legendary commander Harald Sigurdsson.

A good alternative to Guan Yu and Sargon is Harald Sigurdsson. Whilst this wouldn’t be our first choice pairing, it does make a good extra march and is fantastic for anti-swarming. There is lots of rage regeneration and debuffs in this pairing. It would be wise to use Scipio Prime as the primary commander to take advantage of the Rejuvenate talent.

Alexander The Great

Legendary commander Alexander The Great Overview.

Pairing Alexander The Great with Scipio Prime creates a great infantry march, with various buffs like attack and defense. Alexander is more accessible and easier to level up than other options on this list, obtainable back in Season 2. It’s likely you can expertise him by the time you acquire Scipio Prime.

Scipio Prime Skill Levelling

Just like with all commanders, focus on leveling up Scipio Prime’s active skill, Unmatched Strength, to level 5 before improving other skills. This skill has a damage factor of 1500 and can attack up to 3 enemies in a fan shape. 

Scipio Prime is a commander that you should expertise to use effectively. However, if you’re low on sculptures, or he is a work in progress, aim for a 5155 build as a minimum.

Scipio Prime skills best leveling order.

Best Equipment For Scipio Prime

The suggested gear setups for Scipio Prime vary based on different game stages. While crafting late-game equipment is ideal, facing challenges with blueprints or materials may occur. In such cases, forging beginner or mid-game gear is a better option than having no equipment at all.

Beginner Equipment

  • Windswept War Helm (Helms)
  • Windswept Breastplate (Chest)
  • Gatekeepers Shield (Weapons)
  • Sentry Breeches (Legs)
  • Windswept Bracers (Gloves)
  • The Scarlett Hounds (Boots)

Mid-Late Game Equipment

  • Witches Lineage (Helms)
  • Quinn’s Soul (Chest)
  • Sakura Fubuki (Weapons)
  • Karuak’s Humility (Legs)
  • Seth’s Brutality (Gloves)
  • Frost Treads (Boots)

Late-Game Equipment

  • Helm of the Conqueror/God Helm of the Eternal Empire (Helms)
  • Hope Cloak/Plate of the Eternal Empire (Chest)
  • Hammer of the Sun and Moon/Shield of the Eternal Empire (Weapons)
  • Eternal Night/Greaves of the Eternal Empire (Legs)
  • Sacred Grips/Vambraces of the Eternal Empire (Gloves) 
  • Shilo’s Return/Sturdy Boots of the Eternal Empire (Boots) 


  • Greatest Glory
  • Ring of Doom
  • Horn of Fury
  • Concealed Dagger
  • Mora’s Web
  • Scholas’ Lucky Coin
  • Vengeance
  • Call of the Loyal

Scipio Prime Best Formation

The best formation for Scipio Prime is the wedge formation, giving a 5% boost in skill damage. If you have Scipio Prime in the secondary commander position, this formation won’t be utilized.

How Do I Obtain Scipio Prime?

Scipio Prime can be acquired from the Wheel of Fortune event. You will need to spin the wheel until you obtain 10 Scipio Prime sculptures to initially unlock him. Once available, you can then use universal legendary commander sculptures to further invest in him.

Summary: Is Scipio Prime Worth Investing In?

Among all the Rise of Kingdoms commander builds we’ve discussed, Scipio Prime stands out as one of the few commanders we strongly recommend investing in fully, all the way to expertise. If you have to choose a single infantry commander, Scipio Prime is our top recommendation over any other.

Scipio Prime ranks among the best commanders, offering versatility and numerous pairing options. With tremendous damage output, he becomes essential for all players relying on an infantry march.

Scipio Prime Review

Scipio Prime is the must have infantry commander for open-field battle. He provides AOE, a wide range of buffs and tons of rage regeneration.

The Pros
Deals a lot of damage Lots of pairings Large amount of infantry attribute buffs
The Cons
Can't obtain him until Season of Conquest Gets targeted a lot in open-field due to being a popular commander
  • Overall9.5
  • Rally8.5
  • Open Field10
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