Cooking Fever Introduces TGI Fridays Playable Restaurant

Prepare your beloved TGI Fridays dishes within Cooking Fever.

The latest update for Cooking Fever has arrived, featuring an exciting collaboration with the well-known American restaurant, TGI Fridays. In this update, players have the opportunity to cook their favorite TGI Fridays dishes across 40 levels, with the challenge of earning 3 stars at each level.

New Dishes To Cook

In the TGI Fridays-themed restaurant, you can create the following food and drink items:

  • Steakburger
  • Mac and Cheese
  • Fried Potato Skins,
  • Homemade Lemonade
  • Mashed Potato
  • Ribs
  • Fries
  • Hot Fudge Brownies

Additionally, you have the option to add marinade and include broccoli in dishes to earn extra coins.

Authentic Restaurant Customization

Players have the option to personalize their restaurant, infusing it with the authentic ambiance of TGI Fridays. Featuring all the branding details, players can obtain the promise wall adorned with the TGI Fridays slogan: “In here, it’s always Friday!”—a familiar sight from the actual restaurant. Numerous upgrades are available, including tables, a bar area, the iconic TGI Fridays picture wall, a lounge area, and much more.

TGI Fridays restaurant decor.

In the game, these upgrades not only recreate the authentic atmosphere of a TGI Fridays restaurant but also enhance customer waiting times, enabling faster progress through levels and quicker star earnings.

Kitchen Upgrades

Just like in other Cooking Fever restaurants, it’s important to make sure that you upgrade your kitchen. It helps you cook faster, make bigger portions, and earn more coins for each serving. Upgrading is key to running a more efficient and profitable kitchen.

The kitchen introduces new features, including the homemade lemonade dispenser and a ribs grill, mirroring what you’d find in an actual TGI Fridays restaurant.

Cooking Fever TGI Fridays kitchen upgrades

Bear in mind that certain upgrades will require gems in addition to coins. If your goal is to fully upgrade the TGI Fridays restaurant, make sure you have a decent supply of gems available.

If you want to discover how to earn more gems for free in Cooking Fever, we have provided a guide showing you how to do so.

TGI Fridays Restaurant Gameplay

We’ve shared a gameplay video for the new restaurant, allowing you to check it out before investing your coins and gems. The video showcases all the unlockable dishes, providing you with a thorough preview of what to expect:


The collaboration with TGI Fridays for the restaurant was a delightful surprise in the game. Since the release of a Hard Rock Cafe-themed restaurant in 2019, there hasn’t been a collaboration, making this addition a much-anticipated one after a few years. We’ve had a great time playing in this TGI Fridays-themed restaurant and are eagerly looking forward to discovering what Nordcurrent has in store for the game in the future.

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