Cooking Fever New Garden Feature Guide

The newest feature in Cooking Fever enables players to grow their own flowers and fruit, providing valuable in-game bonuses.

The Cooking Fever 19.1.2 update arrived on the App Store a month ago, introducing an exciting new gardens feature. This immersive time-management cooking game allows you to flaunt your culinary skills in various restaurants using diverse ingredients.

In this recent update, players can now grow their own flowers and fruit. To start this gardening journey, essential seeds can be earned by successfully completing levels in any of the restaurants. If you’re curious about how the garden feature works, continue reading this guide for more details.

Cooking fever garden feature banner that pops up on screen when you enter the game.

Obtaining Seeds

To begin your gardening journey, the first step is acquiring seeds. Seeds come in three different tiers: common, rare, and epic. The rarer the seeds you obtain, the better the rewards.

The three rarity of seeds that can be obtained in Cooking Fever.

To make things easy, here’s a breakdown of the benefits of each seed, how long it takes to grow, and what reward you get based on its rarity.

SeedCommonRareEpicGrowth Time
BananaGain 1000 CoinsGain 4000 CoinsGain 10,000 Coins3 Days
LycheeGain 5 GemsGain 15 GemsGain 70 Gems3 Days
PineappleGain 3 Casino TicketsGain 7 Casino TicketsGain 20 Casino Tickets3 Days
Dragon FruitGain 1 Random BoosterGain 2 Random BoostersGain 5 Random Boosters3 Days
Bellflower+5% Level Earnings+10% Level Earnings+25% Level Earnings3 Days
Lily+4% Dish Prices+7% Dish Prices+15% Dish Prices3 Days
White Blossom+3% Waiting Time+6% Waiting Time+15% Waiting Time3 Days
Chinese Rose+7% Level Tips+10% Level Tips+40% Level Tips3 Days

Tool Upgrades

Plants can be harmed by weeds and dry soil, but there’s a solution—upgrade your tools to avoid withering. Right now, you can improve the garden shears and watering can to combat the effects of weeds and dry soil.

Garden tools overview and their upgrades.

Both these tools come with automated system timers, which you can rent for 50 gems, offering 80 hours of continuous operation. This is convenient if you’d rather not log into the game manually to take care of your plants.

Fertilizing Flowers & Fruit

You can prolong a flower’s lifespan by 5 hours with fertilizer. Additionally, it shortens the time needed for a fruit to grow by 5 hours, helping you reduce waiting times and harvest more often.

If you want to enhance waiting times further, you can choose to buy golden fertilizer from the store using real money. However, this is entirely optional.

Garden Quests

Finishing garden quests not only earns you XP but also gift packages. Here’s a list of the current garden quests available for completion.

A book of garden quests in Cooking Fever where you can monitor completion progress.

Though these quests might require some time and effort to complete, the rewards are undoubtedly worth the grind if you’re willing to put in the work.

Garden Feature Gameplay 

If you’d like a quick overview of the garden feature gameplay, we’ve crafted a short video that lets you see how it works:


The Cooking Fever garden feature adds valuable bonuses to enhance your cooking journey, particularly beneficial for challenging missions where that extra support comes in handy.

Although grinding quests and waiting for seeds to grow can take some time, regular players can find this feature highly useful. It can make levels easier and offer more currency for kitchen upgrades.

Have you played Cooking Fever lately? Tried the garden feature? Share your thoughts in the comments below. If you’re looking for an easy guide on obtaining more Cooking Fever gems, we have a separate guide on this topic.

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