How to Earn More Free Gems in Cooking Fever

A guide showing you ways to earn more gems for free in Cooking Fever.

The fun, cooking simulation game Cooking Fever features two in-game currencies: coins and gems. You use them to upgrade your kitchens and restaurant decor in the wide range of restaurants available in the game. The game can be challenging to complete without upgrading your restaurants, so obtaining as much currency as possible is essential to progress through the game efficiently.

Coins are the simpler currency to acquire between the two. You earn them by playing the game and completing levels, and the better you perform, the more coins you can collect.

On the other hand, gems are the more “premium” currency. They are more challenging to acquire and can also be purchased with real money in the in-game shop. However, not everyone wants to spend real money in-game. This is why we have created this guide to show you ways you can obtain Cooking Fever gems for free without spending a penny. 

How to Get More Gems In Cooking Fever

To boost your gem count in Cooking Fever, we’ve compiled seven effective methods to help you secure those extra gems, aiding your progress through challenging restaurants.

Daily Rewards

Every month in Cooking Fever comes with a daily login rewards calendar. By logging into the game each day, you can receive free items as part of the daily rewards, gems included. After a specific number of days, there will be additional free gems rewards. Gem rewards occur four times a month, and to assist you in knowing which days these are, we’ve presented this table:

Login DayFree Gem Reward
Day 71 Gem
Day 143 Gems
Day 215 Gems
Day 287 Gems

To access the daily rewards, click on the calendar icon located at the right side of the screen, bringing up the calendar:

Daily Quests

In addition to daily rewards, there are daily quests in Cooking Fever. These consist of three missions that offer both coins and gems as rewards. Make sure to carefully read through the quests to understand what needs to be accomplished in the game. The quests reset every day, and you can earn an average of 10 gems daily by completing them.

Daily quests mission screen.

Increasing XP 

Every time you level up in Cooking Fever, you’ll be rewarded with gems. XP points, earned by completing levels, upgrading restaurants, and achieving in-game goals, are displayed in a progress bar at the top of the screen, indicating the required amount to reach the next level.

Cooking Fever XP progress bar.

Consistent gameplay will naturally accumulate enough XP to advance through levels. Check the achievements tab to understand the requirements, enabling you to focus on completing them faster and ultimately acquiring free gems more quickly.

Casino Spins

At XP level 7, the casino unlocks, becoming the best way to get gems in Cooking Fever. It works like a regular slot machine, and you need to match 3 gem symbols to get gem rewards, up to 15 gems.

Cooking Fever casino slot that can be used to acquire gems.

While spinning in the casino requires coins, there are ways to get free spins. Completing daily quests and grabbing daily rewards can earn you casino tickets, providing free spins and letting you save your coins for other in-game expenses. Additionally, you can opt for free spins by watching short ad videos, offering a straightforward way to build up your gem collection without spending your hard-earned coins.

Watching Videos

Another effective method of obtaining free gems is by watching videos. To do this, tap the small icon at the bottom left of the screen to open up an advertisement. Advertisements typically last between 30 seconds to 1 minute on average and don’t consume much of your time.

Tapping the video icon in Cooking Fever for free gem rewards.

Although there’s no guarantee of receiving gems every time, since watching videos can also reward coins, you can complete several of these within the same day to increase the number of daily free gems you can earn.

Connecting A Nordcurrent Account

A quick and easy method to earn 10 gems is by connecting a Nordcurrent account. The Nordcurrent account is the developer’s own login system, ensuring the safety of your game progress across multiple devices. If you don’t have one yet, the signup process is straightforward, and you’ll instantly receive a reward of 10 gems.

Connecting your game with a Nordcurrent account awards 10 gems.

Inviting Friends

If you have friends who may be interested in Cooking Fever, why not send them an invite and receive free gems as a result of this? For every friend who downloads the game and completes the tutorial level, you’ll receive a generous 25 gems.

Invite a friend menu screen.

Are There Hacks or Cheats to Get Free Gems?

While there were once cheats to earn gems in the game, the developers have since patched them, making them ineffective. If you come across websites claiming to offer hacks and cheats for Cooking Fever gems, it’s advisable to steer clear, as these files may potentially contain harmful software.


By following the methods outlined in this guide to acquire free gems in Cooking Fever, you can enhance your progression through levels and unlock new restaurants more swiftly. While logging in daily is the easiest way to secure gems, keep in mind that the casino offers the most substantial rewards, although it should be approached cautiously and played only when you have surplus coins at your disposal.

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