Era of Conquest – Picking The Best Civilization

In Era of Conquest, players can choose from nine civilizations.

Choosing the best starting civilization in Era of Conquest can be challenging, with each offering unique perks and a special starting hero. To help you decide, this guide provides an overview of all nine civilizations, highlighting the best one.

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The Best Era of Conquest Civilization

The best Civilization in Era of Conquest is the Chinese. Chinese is led by Li Shimin, a strong offensive commander who deals a lot of damage and can silence enemies.

For a more defensive playstyle, consider the Germanic civilization, featuring Hermann, a hero excelling in defensive stats and abilities.

All civilizations are quite balanced, and starting heroes are all rated 5 stars. Look at each hero’s stats and abilities before deciding.

If you’re still unsure, pick the civilization that fits your playstyle, or the one that has the best aesthetic design. Don’t stress about resource advantages; you’ll gather enough over time as you progress through the game.

Overview of All Civilizations

We’ve given a summary of all nine civilizations in Era of Conquest. We highlight their unique bonuses and starting heroes to assist you in choosing the one that suits you best.


An overview of Chinese, the best Civilization in Era of Conquest.

Starting Hero: Li Shimin – Proficient in strength and agility. His skill can inflict silence on enemies. The best choice for offensive playstyles.

Civilization Bonus: +20% Food production.

Building Style: The Chinese style reflects the design of ancient Chinese palaces, portraying an image of grandeur and luxury.


An overview of Germanic, the best defensive civilization in Era of Conquest.

Starting Hero: Hellman – Best in defense. His skill can taunt up to 3 enemy units.

Civilization Bonus: +10% Wood, +10% Stone production.

Building Style: Germanic architecture is diverse, showcasing influences from Roman, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque styles.


An overview of the Korean civilization.

Starting Hero: Yi Sun-sin – Capable in strength. His skill inflicts either silence or disarm.

Civilization Bonus: +10% Wood, +10% Iron production.

Building Style: Traditional Korean architecture aims for harmony between humans and nature, characterized by the simplicity and conciseness of traditional hanock houses.


Japanese civilization overview.

Starting Hero: Tachibana Ginchiyo – Skilled in intelligence and agility. Her skill can increase her dodge increasing survivability.

Civilization Bonus: +10% Food, +10% Wood production.

Building Style: The Japanese style has been shaped by castles, mansions, shrines, and teahouses since the 16th century, with Himeji and Nijo castles serving as shining examples.


Russian Civilization overview.

Starting Hero: Ivan IV – Proficient in intelligence. His skill launches tactical attacks on two enemies.

Civilization Bonus: +10% Wood, +10% Stone production.

Building Style: Originating from wooden orthodox churches and the Eastern Roman Empire, the opulent style of Baroque was integrated during the reign of Peter I.


An overview of the French civilization in Era of Conquest.

Starting Hero: Joan of Arc – Excels in intelligence and strength. Her skill launches tactical attacks.

Civilization Bonus: +20% Wood production.

Building Style: The French Style integrates Baroque, Rococo, Neoclassical, and Imperial designs, reflecting the diversity of European architecture.


British Civilization overview.

Starting Hero: Boudica – Proficient in strength and agility. Her skill can disarm enemies. Perfect for making enemies vulnerable.

Civilization Bonus: +10% Food, +10% Stone production.

Building Style: Post-Renaissance, Britain witnessed the flourishing of architectural styles brimming with local features, including the Tudor style and English Baroque.


Roman Civilization overview.

Starting Hero: Scipio – Demonstrates exceptional strength and agility, with a skill that can impose silence on targets. 

Civilization Bonus: +20% Iron production.

Building Style: Classic arches inspiring Gothic and Norman styles.


Arabian Civilization overview in Era of Conquest.

Starting Hero: Baybars – A master of strength and agility. His skill inflicts physical damage on two enemy units. Ideal for battling multiple enemies at once.

Civilization Bonus: +20% Stone production.

Building Style: The Arabian style captures the essence of the Middle East through its focus on geometric patterns and domes.


The best civilization in Era of Conquest mainly depends on the starting hero you prefer to use at the game’s start. All Civilizations are balanced and you’ll unlock other heroes at some point during the game. 

However, if you remain uncertain, we recommend the Chinese civilization for a powerful attacking hero and the Germanic civilization for a more defensive starting hero.

For more helpful Era of Conquest guides, tips, and tricks, visit our dedicated page on our website.

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