Esmeralda’s House Event – Rise of Kingdoms

Obtain Legendary Equipment Material Chests from the Esmeralda's House event.

Esmeralda’s House is an event in Rise of Kingdoms that rewards governors with a variety of rewards in exchange for gems. The most prestigious rewards for this event include Legendary Equipment Choice Chests which provide legendary materials which are used to craft legendary equipment. 

In contrast to the More Than Gems event, Esemeralda’s House is more luck based where you don’t know which reward you are getting every time you spend gems. 

Event Rules 

  • Governors can engage in the art of divination to earn random rewards during the event.
  • A bonus reward is received after a specified amount of divinations. These are rewarded at 10, 20, 40, 70 and 100 divinations. 
  • Bonus rewards are not reset daily. They can only be received once per event duration.
  • You get a daily divination chances of 75. This is reset at 0:00 UTC each day the event lasts. 

How to Participate in The Event

Taking part in the event is easy. Just go to the event interface and click the “Divine” button to spend gems and get a random reward from the pool.

Your first divination is free. After that, you can get one divination at a 50% discount for 400 gems. The regular cost per divination is 800 gems from then on. If you perform 5 divinations at once, you can save 10% on gems. We suggest using this if you intend to invest many gems in the event.

The interface for the Esmeralda's House event.

Esmeralda’s House Rewards

Here’s a table listing all the possible rewards you can get from Esmeralda’s House, along with the probability of receiving each one.

8-Hour Research Speedup x410.228%
8-Hour Training Speedup x410.228%
8-Hour Building Speedup x410.228%
Blueprint Fragment Choice Chest x 48.23%
Blueprint Fragment Choice Chest x 48.23%
Legendary Equipment Materials Choice Chest x31.234%
Legendary Equipment Materials Choice Chest x12.057%
Epic Equipment Materials Choice Chest x34.115%
Epic Equipment Materials Choice Chest x28.23%
Epic Equipment Materials Choice Chest x112.345%
Level 4 “Pick One” Resource Chest x524.691%

Extra Rewards

After you do a certain number of divinations, you can get more reward chests at certain points. The chest number matches how many divinations you’ve done.

Extra rewards chest available in the event.

Chest NumberRewards
Chest 10Epic Equipment Material Choice x2
15-Hour Speedup x3
Chest 20Epic Equipment Material Choice x3
500,000 Food x 8
500,000 Wood x8
375,000 Stone x8
200,000 Gold x8
Chest 40Legendary Equipment Material Choice x1
Epic Equipment Material Choice x3
24-Hour Speedup x2

Chest 70Legendary Equipment Material Choice x2
24-Hour Speedup x3
8-Hour Building Speedup x 5
8-Hour Research Speedup x5
8-Hour Training Speedup x5

Chest 100Advanced Army Expansion x2
Legendary Equipment Material Choice x3

Is Esmeralda’s House Worth Investing In?

Esmeralda’s House isn’t very friendly to free-to-play (F2P) players. It demands a significant amount of gems to participate effectively. Since the rewards are based on probabilities, there’s no fixed number of divinations to ensure you get the Legendary Equipment Material Choice chests. It’s wiser to invest your gems elsewhere, like boosting your VIP level or acquiring legendary commander sculptures.

You will need to perform 40 divinations minimum to guarantee at least one from Reward Chest 40. 

We suggest avoiding this event unless you have plenty of gems or are ready to spend money in the game. Although it can help you get end-game legendary equipment materials faster, there’s no guarantee you’ll get them at all if luck is not on your side.

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