Winter Wonderland – Call of Dragons 2023 Christmas Event

Festivities have arrived in Call of Dragons, featuring fun events and a new city skin.

Christmas has arrived in Call of Dragons, and in update in Call of Dragons the developers teased the following content:

Winter Wonderland is a 7-day series of events with limited-edition City Themes, Avatar Frames and Nameplates up for grabs!

  • Winter Decorations: Decorate the sacred forest and receive rewards from the Elven Queen!
  • Dawngrad Banquet: Put together a feast fit for Heroes!
  • Treasure Hunt: Collect Treasure Map Fragments to uncover the legendary “Lord of all Treasures”!
  • Bounty Hunt: Reclaim lost goods for the Merchants’ Guild!
  • Great Heights: Amid countless trials, surpass your boundaries! Ascend to glory and become the living legend!

Now that the update is here, let’s discover the thrilling new features and events that await:

Winter Decorations

The Winter Decorations event offers a range of rewards that can be claimed throughout the holiday season. These rewards encompass hero tokens, medals, resources, speed boosts, and additional items.

Winter Decorations event in Call of Dragons.

New City Skin, Avatar Frame & Nameplate

Aside from the usual rewards, the standout features of the Winter Decorations event are the exclusive city skin, avatar frame, and nameplate rewards. Since these items are only available during the event, it’s recommended to dedicate time to earn them, as their availability in the future is uncertain.

New nameplate, city skin, and avatar.

The Wreath of Stars nameplate and avatar frame have a traditional Christmas wreath look, perfect for the festive season.

The Tree of Spirits city skin has a wintery Christmas tree vibe with a star on top, making it a nice addition to your city skin collection.

Tree of Spirits city skin showcase.

The skin comes with the following stats:

  • Cavalry Unit DEF +5%
  • Magic Unit DEF -5%

Collecting Bells & Baubles

To earn rewards in the Winter Decorations event, players must gather bells and baubles, which can be exchanged for various prizes. Bells and snowglobes can be acquired by participating in either the Bounty Hunt event or the Treasure Hunt event.

Alternatively, players can opt for the Winter Wishes pack available in the in-game store, which includes these items and can be purchased for $4.99.

Bounty Hunt

During the Bounty Hunt event, players have the chance to loot merchant chests to obtain bells, baubles, and resource rewards.

Unlocking chests is as simple as defeating darklings and dark creatures of any level, with the possibility of chests dropping. Spending 1 bounty poster allows players to unlock the merchant chest and claim the rewards. Each chest can be unlocked once per player, but if multiple players choose to unlock the same chest, it can be opened up to five times.

The bounty hunter event overview in the Call of Dragons christmas event.

Each player will receive ten bounty posters daily, resetting at midnight. It’s advisable to use all ten each day to maximize rewards and ensure you don’t miss out.

Treasure Seeker/Hunt

Players have the opportunity to discover Treasure Map Fragments, which are essential for participating in the Treasure Hunt event. These fragments can be obtained through various means, such as making purchases in the goblin market, defeating dark patrols or beasts, and training legions.

Treasure seeker map instructions.

Once acquired, Treasure Map Fragments are used to unlock sections of the Treasure Hunt Map. This, in turn, reveals specific locations where personal treasures are hidden. The more fragments removed, the easier it becomes to pinpoint the location. For those with a keen eye, it’s possible to find the location without removing all the pieces, saving time and accelerating the reward process. Clues in the clues section are available at any time to guide players on the right path for their search.

Treasure hunt event map.

The event unfolds over 6 days, starting on December 23rd and concluding on December 28th. Dive into the activities, participate in the events, and make sure to seize the opportunity to claim all the fantastic rewards.

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