Winter’s Warmth – Rise of Kingdoms 2023 Christmas Event

Festive celebrations are now underway in Rise of Kingdoms, featuring a range of enjoyable activities and the chance to acquire a special city skin.

Christmas 2023 has arrived in update in Rise of Kingdoms and this is what Lilith Games teased in the update that recently dropped:

Our Christmas Event Series Is Here! The glow of red and green lights and the sheen of white snow can only mean one thing: it’s going to be a holly jolly Christmas! To celebrate, we’ve prepared a slate of festive events:

  • Christmas Party: Complete quests for special Christmas presents!
  • Smithy Specials: Head to the Blacksmith for this limited-time deal! Purchase discounted equipment blueprint fragments, Legendary equipment materials, and more.
  • Merry Cakemas: We’ve baked our Christmas cake, but we’re out of whipped cream! We’re counting on you, chef!
  • Arms Training: Armsmaster Lohar is back, and he’s here to spread the holiday cheer with a good old-fashioned throwdown!
  • Ceroli Assault: Assemble your allies and take on Ceroli’s ultimate battle!
  • Zenith of Power: Gain power to win a brand-new city theme!
  • Opening Ceremony: Sign in for 7 days to earn limited-time avatar frames from the Avatar Frame Design Content community event!

With the arrival of the update, let’s explore what exciting features are now available:

Collecting Whipped Cream

Governors have the opportunity to gather whipped cream by defeating barbarians, engaging in map gathering, collecting resources from cities, and participating in various festive events.

How to obtain whipped cream page.

Once you have collected whipped cream you can use it in the Merry Cakemas event to unlock a range of rewarding prizes.

Merry Cakemas 7000 Gems Event

Another 7000 gems event is available just in time for the festive period, with lots of amazing rewards to earn such as speedups, resources and chest keys. The standout prizes are 35 gold legendary commander sculptures and a total of 6500 gems. If you finish the event and invest the 7000 gems in the bonus rewards tree, you’ll get most of them back so it is highly recommended to do this.

7000 gems event reward overview.

For an extra boost, you can pay $9.99 for a third reward tree. This gives you more goodies, including 450 extra whipped cream to speed up your progress through the reward trees.

Magical Merriment Christmas City Skin

The Magical Merriment Christmas skin is available at tier 17 in the Merry Cakemas event. To unlock it, make sure you’ve purchased the 7000 gems reward tier. The skin is a delightful addition to the game, boasting a wintery aesthetic with Christmas trees on the outer edge. At the top of the skin, you’ll find a snow globe featuring Santa’s sleigh.

A glance at the Magical Merriment christmas skin.

The skin provides the following stats:

  • Siege Unit Defense +5%
  • Cavalry Health -5%

If you fancy the appearance of this skin but not its stats, now you have the option to transmog skins. This involves transferring their visual appearance to the stats of another city skin using small brushes.

Christmas Party Login Event

During the Christmas Party log-in event, governors can easily collect rewards by logging in daily throughout the event or by completing various tasks. The rewards include keys, resources, speed-ups, boosts, whipped cream, and more.

Daily login rewards.

Completing all the tasks not only provides immediate rewards but also aids your progress in the Merry Cakemas event, as each task grants two whipped creams. Additionally, completing more tasks contributes to larger rewards in the final event chest.

The event runs for 7 days, starting on December 23rd and concluding on December 30th. Dive into the activities, grind through the events, and ensure you seize the opportunity to claim all the fantastic rewards.

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