Sargon The Great Build – Best Talents, Pairings, Equipment & Skills

Sargon The Great is a legendary commander with expertise in Infantry, Versatility and Skill talent trees.

Sargon The Great is a legendary commander in Rise of Kingdoms which you can obtain in the Season of Conquest. He’s one of the latest infantry commanders to make his way to Rise of Kingdoms, known for dealing heavy damage to single targets in open-field battles. He is often overlooked as doesn’t possess an AOE skill, but this guide will show you how to build him use him and unleash his full potential.  

Sargon The Great  Skill Talent Tree Build

The best talent tree build for Sargon The Great would be the skill talent tree. This build focuses on rage regeneration to trigger the active skill as much as possible. Sar Kissatim, the active skill, boosts direct damage for the next 5 seconds. By consistently using this skill, Sargon The Great can maintain a continuous damage boost throughout the entire battle.

Skill talent tree build for Sargon The Great.

Firstly, start by unlocking the Burning Blood skill, then proceed to Rejuvenate. Continue down the skill talent tree to Feral Nature. Doing this first before investing in the infantry tree allows you to have enough rage regeneration. Once you’ve done this, invest the remaining points into the infantry tree. Build towards Undying Fury first then complete the rest of the talents shown. 

By utilising this build you can be confident that you’ll have a damage-dealing powerhouse in the open field. 

Best Sargon The Great Pairings

Guan Yu is pretty versatile in the fact he can be paired with most infantry commanders. However, for optimal synergy with his skills and talent builds, we’ve compiled a list of recommended pairings below. In each of these pairings, Guan Yu will serve as the primary commander since his talent tree is focused on dealing significant damage.

Lui Che (Best Pairing)

Lui Che pairing overview in Rise of Kingdoms.

Since the arrival of Lui Che, he has become the perfect pairing for Sargon The Great. The synergy between smite and normal damage forms a powerful combination.

As for which commander to designate as the primary, it’s a flexible choice – you can go with either. Since this pairing is relatively new, the battle reports show mixed results. I recommend trying both commanders as the primary and observing which one delivers better results to aid your decision-making.

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Scipio Africanus Prime 

Scipio Africanus commander overview.

Sargon The Great pairs well with Scipio Prime, presenting another effective combination. Scipio Prime’s kit brings diverse buffs such as damage, shielding, and march speed, making him one of the top infantry commanders in the game with numerous advantages. In this pairing, it is recommended to use Sargon as the primary commander.

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Alexander The Great

An overview of Alexander the Great.

Alexander The Great is a reliable pairing and can be obtained early in the game during Season 2, so there is plenty of time to get him levelled/skilled up. If you want to hunt down single targets, he provides a lot of attack buffs making easy work of enemy marches. You can use Alex as the primary commander if you want to, but Sargon may be a better option if you don’t want to be singled out in open-field battles.

Guan Yu

Guan Yu is a fantastic choice to pair with Sargon The Great, especially because he brings an AOE skill that Sargon doesn’t have. If your aim is to target multiple enemy legions simultaneously, Guan Yu is the ideal companion. Additionally, he is relatively easy to obtain and can be focused on during Season 3, ensuring that by the time you unlock Sargon, this pairing can be ready to go.

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Sargon The Great Skill Levelling

Like all commanders, prioritize leveling up Sargon’s active skill, Sar Kissatim, to level 5 before enhancing other skills. This skill is the primary damage dealer, and at level 5, it has a 100% activation probability.

If you don’t plan on expertise for Sargon The Great, the optimal build is 5550, leaving the last skill locked due to Awed stacks. His fourth skill dispels stacks at a count of 10, so if his damage factors are too low, it weakens Sargon.

However, if you intend to expertise Sargon The Great, his expertise skill, Enlil’s Blessing, provides a 15% skill damage reduction inflicted to his troops and better chances of gaining Awed stacks. When Sargon is expertise, his kit comes together, allowing you to unleash his full potential.

Sargon the great's skills.

Best Equipment For Sargon The Great

Here are the suggested infantry equipment selections for Sargon The Great, organized for various stages of the game. The primary goal is to secure late-game equipment gear, so once you obtain the blueprints for any of the pieces, make it a priority to construct them.

Beginner Equipment

  • Windswept War Helm (Helms)
  • Windswept Breastplate (Chest)
  • Gatekeepers Shield (Weapons)
  • Sentry Breeches (Legs)
  • Windswept Bracers (Gloves)
  • The Scarlett Hounds (Boots)

Mid-Late Game Equipment

  • Witches Lineage (Helms)
  • Quinn’s Soul (Chest)
  • Sakura Fubuki (Weapons)
  • Karuak’s Humility (Legs)
  • Seth’s Brutality (Gloves)
  • Frost Treads (Boots)

Late-Game Equipment

  • Helm of the Conqueror/God Helm of the Eternal Empire (Helms)
  • Hope Cloak/Plate of the Eternal Empire (Chest)
  • Hammer of the Sun and Moon/Shield of the Eternal Empire (Weapons)
  • Eternal Night/Greaves of the Eternal Empire (Legs)
  • Sacred Grips/Vambraces of the Eternal Empire (Gloves) 
  • Shilo’s Return/Sturdy Boots of the Eternal Empire (Boots) 


  • Horn of Fury
  • Ring of Doom
  • Scolas Lucky Coin
  • Concealed Dagger
  • Call of the Loyal

Sargon The Great Best Formation

The optimal formation for Sargon The Great is the arch formation, offering a 5% increase in normal damage.

Since Sargon excels at dealing single-target normal damage, the arch formation is the best choice. While the wedge formation can be an alternative, especially when paired with a heavy skill damage commander like Guan Yu, I suggest sticking with the arch. This way, you can reserve your wedge ornaments for other commanders who gain more benefit from them.

How Do I Obtain Sargon The Great?

Sargon The Great can be acquired through the Wheel of Fortune in the Season of Conquest. However, if you decide to migrate to an earlier season, keep in mind that Sargon can only be used starting from Season 3 or later.

Summary: Is Sargon The Great Worth Investing In?

Investing in Sargon The Great is a valuable choice if you’re looking for a third or fourth infantry march or if you exclusively focus on infantry. For those new to infantry or desiring a versatile single infantry march, a pair like Guan Yu/Scipio is recommended instead.

However, this doesn’t mean dismissing Sargon entirely. With the introduction of Lui Che, forming a fantastic pairing, and with the constant addition of new commanders to the game, investing in Sargon may become essential in the future. It ultimately depends on personal preference, but if you’re committed to using Sargon The Great, aim to expertise him.

Sargon The Great Review

Sargon The Great is an effective open-field and rally commander. Specialising in normal attack damage, Sargon can inflict devastating damage to single targets the longer the battles duration.

The Pros
Deals a lot of normal damage Good pairings avaliable Fairly good survivability
The Cons
Fourth skill can be counterproductive if underlevelled Can't be obtained until season 3 Lacks an AOE skill
  • Overall8.5
  • Rally8.5
  • Open Field9
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