Alexander The Great Build – Best Talents, Pairings, Equipment & Skills

Alexander The Great is a legendary commander with expertise in Infantry, Versatility and Attack.

Alexander The Great is a legendary infantry commander in Rise of Kingdoms. If you’ve recently acquired him and are looking for the best build, you’ve come to the right place. Alexander is known for his damage-absorbing shield which can prove to be very useful in battle. 

Alexander The Great Best Talent Tree Build

For open-field PVP battles, it’s best to utilize Alexander the Great and focus on the infantry talent tree. Maximize all talents within this branch, noticeably Elite Soldiers for boosts to attack, defense, and health, along with Undying Fury to enhance rage regeneration.

Alexander the great infantry talent tree.

We’re skipping the versatility branch since it offers minimal benefit. Instead, allocate your remaining talent points to the attack branch. Noteworthy talents here include Burning Blood, which accelerates rage generation during battles, and Unyielding, granting additional counterattack damage when targeted.

Best Alexander The Great Pairings

Alexander the Great is highly versatile and can be paired with almost any infantry commander in Rise of Kingdoms. However, for maximum effectiveness in battle, we’ve compiled a list of the best commander pairings.

Yi Seong-Gye (Best Pairing)

Yi Seong-Gye commander overview.

The best pairing for Alexander the Great is Yi Seong-Gye. Despite being an archer commander, Yi Seong-Gye offers significant skill damage and rage regeneration. Moreover, his powerful AOE skill allows you to target multiple enemies in battle effectively. It’s recommended to use Alexander the Great as the primary commander in this pairing.

If you’re in KVK 2, this is one of the best open-field marches you can use for dealing damage. As the game progresses or during the Season of Conquest, its impact decreases, but it’s still a solid backup for your 5th or 6th march.

Charles Martel 

Charles Martel pairing commander overview.

For a defensive march, pair Alexander the Great with Charles Martel. They both offer strong infantry bonuses and can survive well in open-field battles. Acquiring this march is relatively straightforward since Charles Martel is available in the gold chest.

Guan Yu

Guan Yu commander pairing overview.

Heading into KVK 3 and the start of the Season of Conquest, pairing Alexander the Great with Guan Yu is an excellent option. Although this march may not have the highest survivability in the field, it delivers significant damage.

This is because Alexander the Great can provide a shield, activating Guan Yu’s expertise skill, which boosts skill damage by an additional 15% when a shield is gained. Guan Yu is better suited as the primary commander in this pairing because of his skill talent tree.

Explore Guan Yu Builds

Richard I

Richard I overview.

Alexander the Great can also be effectively paired with Richard I during the early KVK seasons. Similar to Charles Martel, Richard is highly durable and offers excellent survivability.

However, it’s essential to recognize that beyond KVK2 and 3, there are commanders who can counter Richard I significantly, reducing his effectiveness. Therefore, it’s beneficial to use this pairing only in the short term during the earlier stages of the game.

Alexander the Great Skill Levelling

Like with all commanders, prioritize leveling up Alexander the Great’s active skill, Shield of the King, to level 5 before enhancing other skills. This skill gives Alexander his damage-absorbing shield.

Alexander the Great doesn’t have to be expertised, but we highly recommend you do so. If you choose not to expertise him, then a 5511 or 5551 build is optimal.

Alexander the Great Skills.

Best Equipment For Alexander the Great

Here are the gear setups we suggest for Alexander the Great at different game stages. If you struggle with blueprints or materials, it’s better to forge beginner or mid-game gear than to have no equipment at all.

Beginner Equipment

  • Windswept War Helm (Helms)
  • Windswept Breastplate (Chest)
  • Gatekeepers Shield (Weapons)
  • Sentry Breeches (Legs)
  • Windswept Bracers (Gloves)
  • The Scarlett Hounds (Boots)

Mid-Late Game Equipment

  • Witches Lineage (Helms)
  • Quinn’s Soul (Chest)
  • Sakura Fubuki (Weapons)
  • Karuak’s Humility (Legs)
  • Seth’s Brutality (Gloves)
  • Frost Treads (Boots)

Late-Game Equipment

  • Helm of the Conqueror/God Helm of the Eternal Empire (Helms)
  • Hope Cloak/Plate of the Eternal Empire (Chest)
  • Hammer of the Sun and Moon/Shield of the Eternal Empire (Weapons)
  • Eternal Night/Greaves of the Eternal Empire (Legs)
  • Sacred Grips/Vambraces of the Eternal Empire (Gloves) 
  • Shilo’s Return/Sturdy Boots of the Eternal Empire (Boots) 


  • Greatest Glory
  • Ring of Doom
  • Horn of Fury
  • Concealed Dagger
  • Mora’s Web
  • Scholas’ Lucky Coin
  • Vengeance
  • Call of the Loyal

Alexander the Great Best Formation

The formation you select for Alexander the Great depends on the commander he’s paired with.

If paired with a skill damage commander like Yi Seong-Gye, then the wedge formation that deals 5% more skill damage is best. Arch or Hollow Square may be better for a pairing with Charles Martel for example. 

How Do I Obtain Alexander The Great?

Alexander the Great can be obtained from the Wheel of Fortune on the 200th day of the Kingdom. You will need to spin the wheel and obtain 10 Alexander the Great sculptures to unlock him. You can then use generic legendary sculptures to level him up further. 

Summary: Is Alexander the Great Worth Investing In?

In the early game, like KVK 1 and 2, Alexander is a solid investment and considered one of the best infantry commanders.

However, once you reach the Season of Conquest, if you haven’t invested in Alexander yet, it might be better to skip him. There are stronger infantry commanders available at this stage, like Lui Che, who offer better value.

Still, if you’ve already leveled up Alexander, he can still be handy in the Season of Conquest, especially if you need an extra march.

Alexander the Great Review

Gorgo excels as both a garrison and open-field commander. When paired with Lui Che, they form one of the best infantry marches currently available. However, without Lui Che, her pairing options are limited, making her less versatile.

The Pros
Provides a damage absorbing shield Best infantry commander for KVK 2-3 Lots of pairing options
The Cons
Better options available in Season of Conquest Quite squishy with a Guan Yu pairing
  • Overall8.5
  • Rally7.5
  • Open Field8.5
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