Spring Festival – Rise of Kingdoms 2024 Seasonal Event

Celebrate the coming of spring in Rise of Kingdoms with new events to participate in.

Spring 2024 has blossomed in update in Rise of Kingdoms and this is what Lilith Games teased in new update:

Our Spring Festival event series has arrived as flowers rise from the snowmelt and bare branches bloom with new life, let’s celebrate the coming of spring with our Spring Festival event series!

  • Luck of the Loong: Complete 8 days of quests to win great rewards!
  • Roaring to Life: Defeat barbarians and collect Bronze Taels!
  • Lantern’s Light: Exchange Firecrackers and Dragon Packs for wonderful rewards.
  • If your kingdom has reached the offseason before Lost Kingdom Season 2, Little Brushes will be added to the list of items you can redeem in this event.
  • Lucky Red Packet: Begin the new year on a high by sharing the love!
  • Gem Rush: Oooh, shiny! Make in-game purchases to earn extra gifts!
  • Alliance Quiz: Gather your allies for the ultimate test of wits and knowledge!
  • Protect the Supplies: Escort supply caravans for fantastic rewards!
  • Tempest Clash: The ocean is calling and the cannons are roaring! Unfurl your sails and wrest control of the high seas!
  • Treasure Hunt: Uncover the secrets of an ancient treasure map!
  • Bankrupt The Boutique: Esmeralda’s starting the new year off with a bang! The more you buy, the more you save!

Let’s dive into the exciting features introduced with the Spring update:

Collecting Bronze Taels

Governors have the opportunity to collect Bronze Taels by defeating barbarians, collecting city resources and map gathering. 

How to obtain Bronze Taels.

Roaring to Life Event 

In the Roaring to Life event, Bronze Taels can be exchanged for the chance to receive various rewards. Each delivery of a Bronze Tael contributes to the award chest, with a total of 10 chests available to unlock. The award chest is shared among all alliance members, so every contribution made helps unlock the chests for everyone.

Roaring to life event.

Governors earn Firecrackers for each successful delivery, which can be traded for rewards in the Lantern’s Light shop. These rewards include speed-ups, resources, gold keys, tomes of knowledge, little brushes, materials, and more. Each player can choose the rewards they prefer to unlock based on their individual preferences.

Lantern's Light event rewards.

Some of the higher-tier rewards in the Lantern’s Light shop require Dragon Packs in addition to Firecrackers, which are the more premium currency of the two. Dragon Packs can be acquired from daily log-in rewards or bundles available in the shop, such as Starlit Dance.

Starlit Dance bundle to be purchased.

Dreams of the Dragon City Skin

The Dreams of the Dragon city skin is obtainable in the Lantern’s Light rewards shop. It can be acquired permanently by exchanging 100 Dragon Packs and 200 Firecrackers. Alternatively, if you wish to try out the skin first, you can spend 50 Firecrackers for a 7-day version of the skin.

Dreams of the Dragon city skin overview.

The skin provides the following stats:

  • Cavalry Defense +5%
  • Infantry Attack -5%

If you like the look of a skin but not its stats, you now have the option to transmog skins. This means transferring their visual appearance to the stats of another city skin using little brushes.

Luck of the Loong Log-In Event

During the Spring Festival log-in event, governors can effortlessly collect rewards by logging into the game daily throughout the event’s duration or by completing the daily events set out each day. A wide range of rewards are available, including resources, speed-ups, keys, and more.

Luck of the Loong event.

Additionally, governors have access to a final reward chest when the event countdown expires. The more Luck of the Loong quests completed, the better the final reward in the chest.

Lucky Red Packets

Lucky Red Packets can be obtained from the Lantern’s Light shop, events, and by playing the game. These Red Packets can be shared in Kingdom or Alliance chat, and those who open them will receive a small reward. The event operates on a first-come-first-served basis, with only four governors able to open the contents of each Lucky Red Packet.

Lucky red packets.

Alliance Quiz

The Alliance Quiz event offers governors the chance to answer game-related questions alongside alliance members. Participating in this event can earn you fantastic rewards such as gems, speedups, resources, and legendary commander sculptures.

Alliance Quiz event which is part of the Spring update celebrations.

Alliance leaders determine the quiz schedule, and governors can decide whether they wish to join in. Each question comes with a time limit, and the more members who participate, the greater the chances of receiving better rewards.


The event lasts for 7 days, beginning on February 8th and ending on February 15th. Engage in the activities, push through the events, and make sure to seize the chance to claim all the fantastic rewards.

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