Top 5 Best Commander Pairings in 2024 – Rise of Kingdoms

Explore the top commander pairings to amplify your gameplay in Rise of Kingdoms.

Best Commander Pairings in Rise of Kingdoms

In Rise of Kingdoms, there are many commander pairings to choose from, and it can be tough to find a good combination with new commanders being added to the game regularly.

We’ve put together a list of the top 5 best commander pairings based on the current game meta. All of these pairings will be strong in open-field PVP battles, therefore if you want to improve your offense gameplay you’ve come to the right place. 

This list might change with new commanders, so check back regularly for updates!

Sargon The Great – Lui Che

Sargon and Liu Che best commander pairing.

Sargon The Great and Lui Che is arguably the strongest infantry march in Rise of Kingdoms at the moment. The reason for this is if you manage to expertise Lui Che, his expertise skill has an extra 25% chance to deal an extra basic attack.

Sargon’s build is specifically designed for inflicting large amounts of normal attack damage, featuring multiple infantry buffs. Considering his level 5 active skill deals a damage factor of 500, the additional basic attack triggered by Lui Che’s expertise effectively doubles this damage. As a result, this pairing stands out as one of the most devastating open-field combinations currently available. If you’re looking to prioritize an infantry march, this combination would be the top choice.

Guan Yu – Scipio Prime

Guan Yu and Scipio Prime pairing.

Guan Yu and Scipio Prime is another great infantry commander pairing that has been tried and tested for quite a while now, and still remains in the top 5 best commander pairings.

The double AOE and silence that this combination provides is still just far too strong. It also enhances crucial infantry stats like march speed, attack, and health, making it a well-rounded pairing. Moreover, you can unlock Guan Yu earlier than both Sargon The Great and Lui Che, making it a better choice for players in the early stages who want a reliable march heading into the Season of Conquest.

Zhuge Liang – Hermann Prime

Zhuge Liang and Hermann Prime commander pairing.

If you’re aiming for a solo archer march or looking for the top archer march in the game, the best pairing is Zhuge Liang and Hermann Prime.

Their synergy is exceptional, allowing you to leverage double AOE damage with a combined skill damage of up to 40%. This combination offers a great chance to debuff enemy marches and boost attack, defense, health, and march speed. It provides the most complete and effective kit among all archer marches.

Alexander Nevsky – Joan of Arc Prime

Alexander Nevsky and Joan of Arc Pairing.

Alexander Nevsky and Joan of Arc Prime form the ideal march for cavalry players or those seeking a single cavalry march.

The damage potential of this pairing is phenomenal. Alexander Nevsky’s active skill inflicts 2300 damage, and an additional 25% skill damage from his fourth skill, Knight of Iron. When combined with Joan of Arc Prime, you have extra damage-dealing buffs making this an extremely hard march to beat. If you want to perform well in big fights, this pairing is essential. 

Boudica Prime – Yi Seong-Gye

Boudica and YSG best pairing number 5.

Boudica Prime and Yi Seong-Gye serve as a solid alternative march to Zhuge Liang and Hermann, and it’s more attainable for free-to-play players. Yi Seong-Gye can be unlocked early in the game, starting from Season 1, and can be expertise by the time you reach Season of Conquest.

Boudica hits really hard on single targets, and pairing her with an expertised Yi Seong-Gye is a smart choice. Yi Seong-Gye deals area-of-effect damage to five enemies in a fan shape. With a 50% skill damage boost and good rage regeneration, you can effectively unleash Boudica’s heavy damage with this pairing.

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